1. Avery

    Doing some magic with colors on faces - recoloring faces

    Hello folks! I wanted to write a tutorial about face editing next, but I figured, that having one about recoloring is a step that I should take before. Also, this tutorial is made with GIMP: https://www.gimp.org/ (Insert a passive aggressive comment about: "I do not have a graphic program, so...
  2. Nekohime1989

    Nekohime's Space Art

    I've always enjoyed drawing space scenes in in gimp. I decided I would post some. I generally work with a big canvas. So I will use spoiler tags for each image.
  3. DeyJay5

    Problem with importing custom character graphics? (RPG Maker VX Ace)

    I currently have a problem which is driving me up the wall. If anyone could help me with this I would be so grateful. My problem is that whenever I import custom "character" graphics, the display is always just a little bit off. Example in this picture below: (the part that has been circled is...
  4. Sprite Design Help

    I have this template for a Lamia but I have no clue where or how to start. I own Aseprite, Photoshop, Gimp, and Piskel.
  5. Miseryfactory77

    Spritesheet help

    Hi Everyone I was not sure where to ask this question but I was currently getting into gimp to create and edit resources etc. So anyways because of a certain plugin that I have installed the spritesheets had to be changed. as you can see from & They are 2 different spritesheets now I am...
  6. Miseryfactory77

    Gimp Graphic modification help

    Hi everyone I was not sure the correct place but had questions as it related to the image editing software gimp. I am somewhat competant in gimp and have used it to edit spritesheets in the past but needed help with something which may involve layering etc and was wondering if anybody could help...
  7. BigToastie

    RPG Maker MV - Parallax Tutorials

    Hi Guys, Can someone point me in the right direction for video / guides for parallax mapping for MakerMV within GIMP? Done a search but came up with a wall of links that weren't relevant. Cheers!
  8. Ferrin

    Ferrin's Artsy Stuff

    I have been dabbling in mapmaking and Gimp Art for the last couple of years. I even got involved in a company that made maps for Tabletops Modules, I can't share that work, but I do have a few practice pieces and homebrew maps I can share with you guys.  Both of these maps I put together for...
  9. Silenity

    Organizing Large Number of Icons?

    I have a few hundred individual icons that I purchased. Is there a simpler way to organize them through GIMP other than cutting and pasting each one onto the iconsheet?
  10. Advencraftgaming

    Need Help with Gimp for making sprites!

    I bring up the problem that in gimp I am trying to make 34 x 34 sprites for my DnD Campaign using the character sheets. My problem is described here. If you need more info after looking at the video then I will provide. But basically is there a way to export all sprites as individual ones? Or do...
  11. Baron Banana

    Baron Banana's MV RTP Recolors and Edits

    This thread is where I put my recolors and other edits of existing RTP assets. You must have a valid RPG Maker MV license to use them. They can be used in commercial or non-commercial project. Unless stated otherwise, you don't need to credit me if you use them. Currently Showcasing: Creep...
  12. TheHarmp

    TheHarmp's Resource Laboratory.

    I've been working hard, and intend to keep working hard on edits, recolors and all sorts of things I (or anyone) could use for a game.   All of these are RTP (or edits thereof) unless stated otherwise. As of right now I just made some stuff I plan on using in my own project, but sharing is...
  13. Klandaghi

    Adding Graphical Assets to the Generator

    This Post is going to include all the Tutorials I write regarding adding Custom Assets to the RPG Maker MV Generator Tutorial Built using Windows Version Must have RPG Maker MV Graphical Editor: GIMP 2.8.14   I'm going to be adding sections to this for each part as I work through adding my own...
  14. Candacis

    How to set up GIMP for a better workflow

    I like to use GIMP since it is free and pretty powerful, offering a lot of the same features that exist in Adobe Photoshop. But at the same time GIMP can be a bit clunky and unintuitive. You can minimize that and make your workflow faster, if you set up GIMPs preferences. First, I recommend this...
  15. Recolor Tilesets with Gimp 2

    I have searched the forum and have not yet found an answer; if there is a tutorial on this, I would appreciate if you would direct me to it. Here are the steps I have taken thus far: 1. Export desired tileset 2. Open tileset in Gimp 3. Recolor tileset using "colorize" 4. Add layer of a...
  16. GrandmaDeb

    Simple GIMP: How to make a Sprite Sink in Lava or Water

    A tutorial I made for my class. For private, non-educational, non-commercial use only. Preceded by this tutorial: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/40082-simple-gimp-isolating-a-sprite/ The tutorial uses this image - It is hard to see here with the white background, but the...
  17. GrandmaDeb

    Simple GIMP - Set the Grid

    A tutorial I made for my class. For private, non-educational, non-commercial use only.
  18. GrandmaDeb

    Simple GIMP - Isolating a Sprite

    tutorial I made for my class. For private, non-educational, non-commercial use only. Preceded by this tutorial: https://grandmadebslittlebits.wordpress.com/2015/05/16/simple-gimp-set-the-grid-to-use-in-rpg-make-vxace/
  19. GrandmaDeb

    Simple GIMP - Adding Tile Resources

    A tutorial I made for my class. For private, non-educational, non-commercial use only. Preceded by this tutorial: https://grandmadebslittlebits.wordpress.com/2015/05/16/simple-gimp-isolating-a-sprite-for-rpg-maker-vxace/
  20. BlackRoseMii

    Cutscene animation in Gimp

    Hello^^ I've been trying to make an anime-styled cutscene animation since some time now, but I've come across a certain problem every time: The animation is just too laggy. (Example of what I mean: http://blackrosemii.deviantart.com/art/Yet-another-animation-test-523561903 ) I'm using Sai...

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