1. partypooper123456

    Looking for a way for me and my friend to work on a project together

    Hello gangsters, Me and my friend have been working on a project for quite some time. However things have significantly slowed down due to the fact that the way we share the project is quite a tedious and time consuming one. We have to download and upload the full build to dropbox every time we...
  2. Game in github.it crasing

    Hi Guys, its my first post here and a need a help! I develop an mini visual novel for the education of geography. So i uploaded in github.it and it worked untill first dialogue scene then he crashed. Does anyone know how to fix it? Here the link of the game: danielvictor12.github.io/RPGWEB/...
  3. professorbeej

    Save Files as Unminified JSON

    Hey, folks. My partner and I are collaborating remotely on our game, and we are using GitHub to do it. It works great for the most part, except when I am trying to merge branches or pull requests. What happens is that if either of us has edited MapInfos.json or Actors.json or System.json or...
  4. professorbeej

    How do remote devs collaborate with RMMV?

    Hey, folks! My co-author and I are working on an MV game based around our Steampunk novels Nimbus and Stratus. The problem is that we live a considerable distance from one another now, so being able to collaborate side-by-side like we did with the books isn't possible. I was thinking that we...
  5. plugin support convention and github

    Dear All, I'm a newbie and starting to use some of the great plugins provided by the community and have a few questions: 1. Where is one supposed to ask for support on these? For example, Yanfly has a lot of plugins but I don't see an obvious place on his site for bug reports, support...
  6. Salmakis

    new ImageFilter tool (scale Pixel Art with XBR/XBRz or HQ)

    Hi folks, be a while since I was here, I can't use my old Account anymore (don't have the email address anymore) so I made a new one, so no worry if my account is new and fresh. i have used this tool a long time...
  7. MobiusXVI

    Collaboration and Source Control

    I've been thinking a lot lately about source control for the RM series. I even made a tutorial on how to do collaboration and source control for RMXP, RMVX, and RMVXAce. It showed how to convert data files to YAML, then used Github for source control, which makes collaboration super simple. I...

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