1. Personigo de la Ĉefo

    Personigo's massive XP giveaway

    Good time of day folks. Quite some time ago I was knee deep in making RPG maker XP games. Ah, memories... I made a lot of stuff for those too... Only now I have stepped up my game considerably and making higher-rate graphics for my project, but I do have a ton of leftovers from my previous...
  2. baufian

    Rpg maker vx ace giveaway

    when i had bought my copy of rpg maker vx ace. my wife the next day bought me the same program while i was at work the next day. as she has no interest in designing. i figured anyone who wants it or knows someone interested might like it. if not allowed by admins, please point me in the right...
  3. RyokuHasu

    Nighty9Lives massive album giveaway!

    Ssundee of the Nighty9Lives label announced that they are giving away their first album WITH LICESCE to anyone who is currently subscribed or subscribes before this Friday. Subscribe: And Claim the Album! Disclaimer** The license only is...
  4. Lunarea

    12 Hours of Christmas

    Banner created by Vexed Enigma. 'Tis that time of the year when we get together with friends and family, enjoy delicious food and share in the joy and wonder of the season. Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Festivus, Hogswatch or just-another-winter-day, us folks...
  5. Lunarea

    Farm Mapping Contest!

    As most of you know, Celianna has finished her AWESOME and amazing resource pack, and we are in the process of setting it up in our store and making it available for purchase. Rural Farm Tiles pack is absolutely huge and is the perfect pack to use in creating farming simulation or any game that...
  6. Lunarea

    Happy Holidays! (12 hours of Christmas event)

      Note: Please do not subscribe to this thread. It will break our e-mail system and might prematurely end the event. It's the most wonderful time of the year, and our immensely talented staff and contributors want to share it with you! Join us as we celebrate the amazing year we've had and as...

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