1. VX Ace Script Running Twice

    I have a script called in a parallel process event that, whenever triggered, runs in its entirety twice before the game moves on. I have tried changing variables in the middle of the script so that it won't trigger again, but it didn't do anything. The script does exactly what it's supposed to...
  2. Midnight Kitty

    Battle Test not working ((RPG Maker MV V1.6.1))

    Anytime I try to launch a battle test it brings me right to the main menu for the game and not directly into the battle. Has anybody else experienced this?
  3. Nightblade50

    Glitch with comments on profile posts?

    Hello. So I commented on another member's status. Some other people did so. And then I clicked "view previous comments". But when I did so, I got an error message at the top of the page. See the picture below in a spoiler. The text I clicked has a red box around it. (I edited it in GIMP to show...
  4. Help - transparent tiles changing the tile underneath

    Hello! I'm pretty new to RMMV and I'm trying to make my own custom tileset. Basically what I've done is create wood borders that are transparent so that the wood can not only overlap but also be put on top of other tiles. What I've been finding is that when I try to overlap 3x it changes the...
  5. Weird animation glitch

    Hey, I’ve just started using RPGmaker MV and I seem to have this weird bug that only affects one of my actors. Whenever they use a normal attack, this gunshot animation plays over the already playing selected animation. Any ideas on how I could get that to stop would be very appreciated, thanks
  6. eat beans

    Playtest Stuck on Black

    So today when I go to launch my game's playtest, it just gets stuck on a blank black screen. I haven't changed anything from yesterday, and it worked fine then. I have tried restarting my computer/steam and nothing has worked. Why is this happening?
  7. AquaticChaos

    "SRD_GameOverCore" Plugin not working properly

    I've wanted to include both Side and Front view battles in my game, so I used Shaz's BattleMode plugin. I named my Side battles "SV_" followed by its name, same goes with Front battles and "FV_". (As later discussed, BattleMode was not the issue but rather GameOverCore) In game, the first battle...
  8. Glitchy Black Bar at Top of Screen During Every Playtest!

    I'm new to RPG Maker MV, and I was running through the tutorials when I go to playtest and I get a glitching black bar at the top of my screen a few seconds after the title screen. I'm running RMMV through Steam on Windows 8, I've tried reinstalling, restarting my PC, adjusting my graphics card...
  9. eat beans

    Changed Font, Game Stuck on Now Loading.

    So, I have come across this super annoying glitch in RMMV. When I tried to change the font for my game, I did everything I was supposed to, then when I went to play test my game, it gets stuck on Now Loading. Even when I changed the font back to the original it won't load. I have tried changing...
  10. The text in my maker is blurry

    This is what my menu looks like i hope you can help me and also i'm using the 1.3 version and just downloaded today
  11. Koi

    Impassible tilesets suddenly don't work

    I'm so confused, this has never happened before, but one of my tilesets stopped working properly, and just this one. So as you can see those dark walls of thorns are impassible. Also a long time ago Shaz made a script for me called Region Common Events where I have the 4th common event cause...
  12. States.json unable to open?

    I've been trying to open a project and it says that states.json can't be read. Any help?
  13. mars714

    Skill Menu Empty

    Hello! I recently bought this version of RPG Maker, I've been learning on my own and thought the user manual. However, When I test my demo, the skills are always empty. When I LV up to gain skills, they are still not added. here is a screenshot of the skills page in game. I really don't know...
  14. 0.MisC.0

    In-battle menu bug?

    Hello all! I've just started using RPG Maker MV awhile ago and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I did run into a issue however: When I select a party member with a skill like Heal, the menu is pushed over to the lower left, and part of the right menu is sort of "mirrored" next to it, making it...
  15. The007who

    Sprite Sheet Glitching?

    Hi guys! My sprite sheet has been glitching :(
  16. KillerGin

    MV Mac Deployed game save issue... NOT SAVING!

    Hey guys, I am not sure if it's due to the newest MV update (I have the STEAM version) or the fact that I am using MAC Sierra (newest OS) BUT!!! Deployed MV for the games for the MAC no longer save! You have to download the game from any outside source so that the computer thinks that your...
  17. pajamafly

    Tile picker glitching?

    I'm having an issue with the program itself. When I scroll down through my tilesets with the scroll bar, the picker area doesn't change until I either mouse over them or click on a tile. I'm not sure if it's a local issue or something, like maybe another program I have installed, but I...
  18. Koi

    Monster should be chasing, but stops in front of me.

    I've got a monster in a narrow passage way that is supposed to chase you and when you run into it, it begins a battle. This works perfectly as it needs to, except for one thing. If you stand still, the monster stops a tile in front of you, not even up against you just a tile away. Move down one...
  19. Focusbit

    NPC Glitch?

    So I was making it so if you press ENTER on an npc it self switches to another page where it shows him laying on the ground, though I realized every once and awhile some npcs just disappear. Is this a glitch or is there something i'm doing wrong?? 
  20. RMVNex

    Need help with the crafting plugin... Glitchy and annoying.

    First of all I'm not sure if I posted this in the right place, and I apologize if I didn't. I'm dealing with an extremely annoying problem here. I'm using a crafting plugin which works with notes. I entered all the weapons I wanted to put in the weapons crafting list, but I entered the weapon...

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