1. RMVNex

    Extremely strange bug happening...

    I just stumbled upon one of the strangest glitches if not the strangest I've ever seen... There's this one map I used just to test a tileset on. I used a default forest town map. After messing around with it, I decided that the map was useless and that I'd delete it. For some extremely odd...
  2. The007who

    Galv's Region effects glitching??

    Hi, so I was basically using Galv's region effects and it would start glitching(I think)with modern algebra - fix picture and yanfly - parallax lock. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks for reading. -The007who
  3. Lummy

    [MV] Game crash when using items

    Hello. So I've ran into a problem with a game I'm making and i have no idea what has caused this issue to happen. The issue being that whenever I use an item in battle, the game just crashes.  Here's the error message I get: https://gyazo.com/1b05c0f856a2fc64c26b2e284ee4524d Here is also...
  4. Jenovation

    Strange bug/glitch with shadows and tiles.

    Hi, I am experiencing a weird bug/glitch in my game. Please see attached screenshots. As you can see there is a strange shadow of an object remaining even after the object has been (re)moved, it seems to be cut off by where the shadow tiles are or used to be. Background: the barrel with...
  5. 1derwoman

    When sprinting or after event happens you can walk through impassable tiles?

    Hello, this is a simple issue that is causing me a lot of trouble. Everything works pretty much fine, except only sometimes you can walk over events/tiles you aren't supposed to be able to. I don't know why, it may just be because my computer is slow..? When you are sprinting or have just...
  6. Faye Valentine

    Small 'blink' when using "Change Image..." command.

    As the title says, when you use the "Change Image..." command through a "Set Move Route" command, the event will blink shortly before changing it's graphic to the one you assigned. I've tested this in both my project and a blank one. I myself investigated this and realized that the reason is...
  7. GoodSelf

    [Glitch] Event Gets Erased

    Hey all, so straight to the point. When I edit an event, adding commands and such, sometimes a new eventing window will pop up automatically, then a show text command will come up (the one you type dialouge into). After closing both of those windows, I should be returned to the original event...
  8. KillerGin

    Black Boxes Appearing on Map after 1.3 Update

    Black boxes are appearing on the map as the player moves about. There is a link to a sample test project to demonstrate the issue. Here is a small project you can download that highlights the black box problem. Just walk around the screen and the black boxes will appear. I am using 1 plugin...
  9. Exus

    1.3.0 Update Tileset Glitch

    Ever since I replaced the js files with the new ones from the update, tiles started to load weirdly (Refer Picture) Unfortunately it was a mistake on my end for not backing up this project beforehand. Is there a workaround? Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Gubid's Tactical Battle System: Help Needed with Bugs

    I have been using Gubid's Tactical Battle System for RPG Maker XP and found a few scripting errors with it that I have been hoping to have some help with. I am not sure if this is the proper subforum to post about it here. I already tried posting about it on the official GTBS forums but I did...
  11. How to Transfer Characters Between Maps

    Hello,  Lately I've been attempting to transfer characters in between maps but have had absolutely no success. I've looked through multiple tutorials, attempted to right click on an empty space, click "new" and then click on "transfer character" but when I click the other map, it doesn't...
  12. That Guy Who Does Stuff

    [Windows 8.1] Playtest White Screen Glitch

    Hello, this problem has only just happened to me and I would appreciate some help. So, anytime I try to playtest or run game.exe in a deployed file, it just shows a white screen with no name. I would appreciate any help anyone could give me. http://imgur.com/a/tGsdx As you can see, it's in...
  13. Battle back image glitch

    I was working on my game and as I was playtesting it I came across an odd glitch. The battleback did not show up and in the background of the fight I saw my map. Here's a screen shot. Now at first I was trying to fix this, but I actually kind of like the way that looks. Is there a way to...
  14. Karbonic

    Weird Event Page Glitch

    So I loaded up my project, and I noticed something. All of the old events from before I saved now look like in the picture. Even the events with no event related things, they show the very first switch/variable in the list. When I make a new event, this doesn't happen, but when I select...
  15. Event only working if call durring a level up

    Hello, I have been working an a somewhat complex event; which I've had two other topics on here to help me resolve issues I've had, and I've encountered one more issue that I don't understand. This should be the last as I've gotten everything else to work. I think it may be important so I...
  16. Dachimotsu

    So, I've been gone for five months. Was the star-passability bug ever fixed?

    So, about five months ago, my previous laptop began degrading rather quickly, and about one month ago, it died completely. During that time, I was unable to work on my game. So, naturally, I stopped following all of the MV stuff, except for watching some of Yanfly's vids on her Youtube channel...
  17. Failed to load error, Please help

    Hello, I'm pretty new to posting on these forums but I could really use someone's help. I recently converted my in-progress Ace game to MV using the converter that comes with MV. I know that scripts do not transfer over and that I will encounter some errors with my quest log script, but...
  18. Weapon equipping bug

    I am creating a game and i encountered a bug. So I created a way for players to craft weapons and armors through dialogue, using text, choices and conditional branches. I created a few weapons and they work well, being able to equip them. However there is this one particular weapon, a mace...
  19. Visual glitch when priority 1 or above

    Hello people from the RPG Maker forums, I hope someone can help me with this weird glitch I have. It started happening yesterday when I was busy with Pokémon Essentials in RPG Maker XP. http://imgur.com/Rpdny2U After a lot of testing I figured out that tiles that have a priority of 1 or above...
  20. jet_black

    VHS-Style Image manipulation for every asset

    Hey guys, for my next game, I am planning to have the game looking like it´s played on a very old TV or it looks like a VHS type. So, over-saturated/too bright areas, RGB-glitches, black stripes across the screen, blurry, etc. How could I acchieve that? Just creating an overlay will be good...

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