1. Mapping Problems

    Hello to everyone. I don't know if this is a glitch or maybe I'm just really bad at mapping. The screenshot should explain what I'm talking about: Almost all of the A-tiles generate land under them. I can't even create a simple bridge across water without it looking ridiculous. I looked at a...
  2. Bug: CTRL button lets character walk through non-passable tiles

    When I playtest my game and hold the CTRL button, the character can walk through furniture and walls. If I let go of the CTRL button, the character is stuck in that spot. All the tiles that aren't supposed to be passed through have been made so in the database and the character can only walk...
  3. Clockwarkgate

    Player Movement Glitch for RPG Maker VX

    My character keeps moving left,. but i can still move up/down and open the menu. already tried doing an empty project but it still glitches. EDIT; New problem, it seems that left button is not functioning in item menu.
  4. Small In-Game Map Glitches?! Help!!!

    How do I fix this? https://youtu.be/U7rOT6p22hc
  5. NeoFantasy

    Certain tilesets do not allow me to move

    Hey guys  I have this really weird problem some of my tilesets stop working. What I mean by this is ill make one map with a tileset 1 then a few days later another map with tileset 1 but for some reason all the tiles become impassible and i'm stuck this has happend to me twice with to different...
  6. AlxEllis

    Retro Modern DLC - Tileset issues!

    Hello all, first off I just joined today so if this post is in the wrong section of the forum I apologize as I'm still finding my way around. I have an issue with my recently purchased Retro Modern tileset DLC, it is simply impossible to use, I have attached pictures of what it looks like in...
  7. Erika Fuzzbottom

    Minor Bug

    In the Database, in the Skills tab, the little "Animation" box that you can set for skills.  Click the "Set" button. If you change anything in the window that pops up and hit "Cancel", it actually confirms the changes, not cancels.
  8. Shin Kitsune

    A little bug I found

    Hello! I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I'd like to comment out a slight bug I found. It's not something major, but still. It has to do with the Music test menu. I had noted this bug, even since I used an unofficial RPG Maker 2003 translation, blaming it on the program being...
  9. Vis_Mage

    [Ace] Victor Diagonal Movement Event Glitch

    Howdy! :3 In my current project, i've been trying to use Victor Sant's script for diagonal movement. http://victorscripts...gonal-movement/ The diagonal movement itself works just fine, however: Frequently, when the map scrolls, events placed on the map are pushed up a pixel or 2 and when...
  10. TravisTouchdown

    Video length glitch

    Dear RPG Maker VX Ace users, I'm Josh from Germany, and new to the RPG Maker universe, or game development in general for that matter. I'm currently working on my first game, which will obviously be non-commercial, and it's intended to be more of an inside-joke title that I'll pass around...
  11. GlitchyPSIX

    Message Box Gl1tch

    Everything working fine (Before shopping ANYTHING with Execute Shop Event). After shopping ANYTHING (with shop event): Happens with all message boxes by default (after shopping) I have no external "Shop" Script. Ask me anything that could help you help me. (What?)
  12. GlitchyPSIX

    Name Input - Custom Font Glirch

    Problem: There is a font glitch in the Name Input window. Cause: Switching the default font (VL Gothic) to Roboto Condensed (License included, I'm no stealer.) What happens?: After changing the font, the name input looks like with all letters from the font being like, sticked. no spaces...
  13. Koi

    Event Glitching: I'm at my wit's end.

    I have an event for a boss appearing, and for months this event has been glitching. Like honestly it will behave differently under different circumstances. If I playtest it starting from where the event is supposed to take place, it works fine. But if I play from a different point in the game...
  14. Tornado Samurai

    [RMXP] Actors Attack Actors in Battle (Glitch)?

    Hello everyone! Over the past few days, I have been receiving some glitches with RPG Maker XP. For instance, ("Enter" Button and "Cancel" Keyboard buttons not working in game). This is the most recent one. This is a different game, where I experimented to find the glitch and I succeeded in...
  15. Dacuna

    Diagonal Movement and In-Depth Maps Glitch

    Hello, I've been using FenixFyreX's In-Depth Maps and Moghunter's Simple Diagonal Movement for my game, but when I use both of them, the player can be seen walking diagonally through solid blocks. It is seen in the attached image. I'm not sure how hard it is to fix this, but I'd appreciate any...
  16. Event Moving Error

    I have been using a pair of scripts (found here) which allow me to connect two maps together. Unfortunately, I have encountered an error caused by the script that I can't figure a way around. When I call "Transfer Player" and "Set Event Location" on one of the connected maps, I need to set the...
  17. Koi

    Monsters not triggering?

    I have a part in my game where monsters will come out at you when triggered by a floor tile. All of them work, except for one where two come out at once. This is strange because these have worked for about a year, and suddenly after making changes to the game that have nothing to do with this...
  18. Misty

    Data system cache bug/glitch

    Hello everyone, A recent bug has returned to me. "Data system cache bug/glitch." In the past, I said, "First, I had a data cache glitch, but I fixed that by making a new game. Somehow it kept bringing back old events and resources that I replaced. I created a new game and transferred...
  19. VTS Enemy HP Bars with Neo Gauge not displaying after switch

    Hello all, I have a question concerning the VTS Enemy HP Bars/Neo Gauge script. Normally the HP bars display right below enemies like normal, but after I activated a certain switch, the HP bars fail to show in all future battles. The switch in question was activated after killing 5 enemies and...
  20. content


       Facebook | Twitter   *UPDATE* Unfortunately for now the project has been put on hold, thanks for everyone's support! I don't want to call anyone out but at some point we had a conflict of interest which lead to some rash and uncalled for decisions. It's been really frustrating personally...

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