1. AnjelFeather

    Move Route Glitch?

    This is my first time creating an account on a forum, so please forgive me if I'm not posting in the correct place. I'm having some trouble with a set move route I have. I'll try to explain as much in detail as possible as well as providing pictures. The player character talks to a man stuck...
  2. alphab817

    Glitching player?

    Hey everyone! So I have another problem, I don't know if this is an event problem or something is just bugging up: The event in the last scene of my opening works fine, what happens is, after all the dialogue is done between the player and his NPC friend, well, the player character starts...
  3. shutterbones

    Character Sprite Gets Stuck Walking Sideways (Facing Away)

    I have spent so many hours of my time trying to eliminate the reasons why it keeps doing this, and I still am not sure why or how. I'll just be working on my map, and go to playtest, and suddenly my sprite faces away and won't turn back around no matter what direction I walk in... essentially...
  4. SwordArtOnline

    Encounter bug

    I have a problem on the map properties for a map of mine there are slime and slimes*2 and that's it but every once in a while I get a succubuss and it is the first dungeon map so you don't have a chance of winning I've tried everything to get rid of it even adding it to Map properties and...
  5. navmachine

    [Ace] Victor Diagonal Movement Event Glitch

    Greetings all,   I purchased RPGMVXA and have been using it the past couple months, and enjoy the program and read a great deal of the forum posts.  The community here seems very supportive, organized, professional, and downright friendly, so a big hello to everyone. :) I am currently using...
  6. Event Graphic Randomly Changes

    Yo. I used an event to put some cards on a table, but every time I use the action button on the cards, the cards turn into a cup.  I figure it's got some sort of weird uninvited animation set to the cards or something, because on the Graphic screen that I chose the cards from, the cup is...
  7. How to make the background transparent on animated battlers?

    I wanted to make the animated battler/enemy's background transparent but it has a color in the back?
  8. Battle processing not showing "if win" or "if lose"

    Hi, noob question, when i use the battle processing event, it used to show the "if win" and "if lose" commands after that. However, it now is not showing the "if win" "if lose" thinkgs show up. I've tried with different troops, pre-set and custom. But no other commands other than battle...

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