global variables

  1. NeptuneTron

    RMMV Is it possible to create new global variables?

    RPGMaker MV uses some complex global variables, like $gameVariables, which are objects, or arrays, or arrays of objects. I'd like to do the same, but I can't figure out how to declare my own global variables to do the same thing. I tried writing a script to do var $Test = "value"; but when I...
  2. Plyastudio

    Global Variable reset in change scene

    I created a "Parameterized Common Events", with a global variable, that show on my screen the HP of my character and when I do hit the HP they go down without problems, but when I change scene, the HP reset themselves and return to the starting point ( for example if after the hit there were 995...
  3. Magusalfador

    Help in creating and accessing global variables.

    Hi all! Im sure this has been asked but I dont find that specific thread. So, how can I create my own global variables that can be accessed and save their value after a save/load game. I created some variables on some events, just to realize that those variables are undefined the next time I...
  4. masterDev

    Lack of understanding global variables

    Hello everybody! I need some help understanding global varaibles scope in Rpg Maker MV. I'll enunciate the problem: So, I have a global variable in my plugin file that I've set up: var enableMHUD = false; And I've tried to access it via the game interpreter: But an error has...

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