1. AksaczytNel

    Konnichiwa(Good day)

    So yeah 2019 is nearing its end but I'm so hyped and pumped up to learning how to use RPG Maker MV. I'm a big fan of turn-based RPG's but I also like action. I have four big projects. A fan JRPG that unifies real famous and infamous deceased and living people of the world and vast array of...
  2. mlogan

    April Goals & Progress Thread

    Sorry this is a bit late guys. Life has gotten in the way. I'll spruce this up tomorrow, but feel free to start posting.
  3. mlogan

    March Goals & Progress Thread

    I know I say it every month, but yeah, hard to believe it's time to make another one again. In the spring I think of new beginnings and new energy, so perhaps if you've been struggling lately with game development, let this be your chance to start again! As always, let us know what you're...
  4. mlogan

    February Goals and Progress Thread

    Hey guys! The new forums caught me just as I was heading off to bed. I'm going to post this quickly and fix it up a bit tomorrow. Feel free to post away though!
  5. mlogan

    January Goals & Progress Thread

        It's time for a new year and hopefully that means new game dev goals. Have you accomplished what you'd hoped in 2016? What do you hope to see done a year from now? Or if that's too much to think ahead - in one month? Let us know how it's going!
  6. mlogan

    December Goals & Progress Thread

      Yeah, really, it's December. I know right? So bundle up in your comfiest, coziest or if you prefer, ugliest sweater and get busy so you can say you finished the year on a strong note.   Anyone have any festive game dev plans?
  7. mlogan

    November Goals & Progress Thread

      Only two months left for 2016?!? I hope everyone can finish out the year strong! Happy posting!
  8. mlogan

    October Goals & Progress Thread

        I thought I would get this up before I go to bed tonight. I'll make it pretty (spooky?) tomorrow. Anyone got any special game dev plans for Halloween?
  9. mlogan

    September Goals & Progress Thread

      Welcome to September! Hope everyone has a great month of game dev! Good luck!   If you're new, this is a place you can share what you hope to accomplish and how it's going for you, in the hopes of motivating each other!
  10. mlogan

    August Goals & Progress Thread

    August (Pretty picture coming soon :P )   Hey guys, it's August already! Let us know how you hope to finish out the summer months of game dev and how it's going for you! My challenge for you this month is to post screenshots so we can see what awesome things you are working on!
  11. mlogan

    July Goals & Progress Thread

      Once again, a new month has crept up on us! Let us know what you want to do this month and how it's going!   Also - anyone who wanted to do a drawing for one of the headers - I failed last month at organizing it. If you want to do a drawing, please send me a message and let me...
  12. mlogan

    June Goals & Progress Thread

    Eeeek! I only just realized it's June already, so here you go! Wow, another month of game dev gone by. Good luck with the beginning of summer, hope it's productive for you!
  13. mlogan

    May Goals & Progress Thread

      It's another month! Hope you all have gotten a lot done this past month and are ready for more!
  14. mlogan

    April Goals & Progress Thread

        If you've joined us before, you know what to do!   If you're new - this is a place where you can post what you hope to accomplish this month and let us know how it's going! Feel free to jump in!
  15. mlogan

    March Goals & Progress Thread

    Hey guys! Sorry for totally spacing on this. And I was even working on it yesterday and yet still managed to drop the ball. I'll get it prettied up tomorrow, but for now, get to posting!
  16. mlogan

    February Goals & Progress Thread

    There, cute graphics done. :P   Hope you guys have a great game dev month this February! And don't forget, it's a leap year so this February has one extra day for development, woohoo!
  17. mlogan

    January Goals & Progress Thread

      Happy New Year!! (almost)   2016 is almost upon us. How was 2015? Did you reach your goals? What do you hope to accomplish for 2016? We'd love to hear your plans for a brand new year!
  18. mlogan

    December Goals & Progress Thread

        Hey guys! Sorry, this month has gotten away from me, so I'm just getting this up!   I hope with all the busyness of the holiday season, we can all find some time to eek out a bit of productiveness here! But be sure to take time to enjoy the holiday season as well!
  19. mlogan

    November Goals & Progress Thread

        We're nearing the end of the year - a time to finish strong, despite the distractions of holidays and all.   What do you plan on accomplishing over the next couple of months to finish out 2015? Let us know what you wish to do and how it's going!
  20. mlogan

    October Goals & Progress Thread

        Happy birthday Goals and Progress Thread! Last October was the first monthly thread and I hope many of you have seen significant progress in the last year.   So then, let's get on with it for October!    

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