1. Mime

    Souljourn Chapter 1 - RMMV

    Made with RPG Maker MV PRICE: FREE or Suggested Donation $1 STORY Vanya Cross is an newly exiled rogue, who - while on her way to a distant land was lead right back to the kingdom because of an emergency regarding the King (named Clovis). The King has been cursed and his soul has been...
  2. Tonyedi

    My attempt to improve. Ocrs-Goblin-Minotaur-Centaur Base Character Sheets

    Hello I'm Tony I created several base sheets using the textures here on the forums. I try to improve my skills with graphics. I created a pair of orcs. And I'm trying to rebuild other races, like Centaur, Lamia, Darves and more. I want to improve and I hope you enjoy my work Everything I do is...
  3. Low

    For the Treasure's Resources

    I decided to contribute some of the custom SV enemies I made for my game to the community as a thanks to the many generous and talented artists who's resources I am using. It's not much at the moment but I will try and provide what I think others can also use. These are free for non-commercial...
  4. Tortured Healer

    One Face and Sprite set?

    Hello all. I am pretty new to this website, and very new to the whole rpgmaker brand (except for the psx and ps2 versions, which I owned as a kid). I had an idea for a character for the game I'm creating. He's a goblin, and younger than the other characters in the game. All of the main...

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