1. kyonides

    KyoAlert MV

    KyoAlert MV by Kyonides Introduction It will let you show up a lot of different alerts on screen that are not blocked by the message window. The innovation here is that it also lets you display custom alerts mimicking a Steam alert up to some point. XD The rest of the alerts are processed...
  2. kyonides

    [Clean it up or Close it or Delete it] KItemAlert MV

    Delete it.
  3. Geeguz

    Can enemies really not be set to drop 0 gold!?

    I can't believe I haven't realized it sooner... I made an independent loot drop system that spawns drops after fights and had all my enemies set to 0 gold. I've been at this for a while lol it all works perfectly but for every enemy killed my gold is automatically jumping by 10, so I can only...
  4. kyonides

    KyoAlert ACE

    KyoAlert ACE Version 1.2.0 by Kyonides Introduction It simply displays a small notification alert somewhere on the screen depending upon the configuration of its KyoAlert module. The alerts will also be shown on screen whenever a hero joins or leaves the team. They will appear whenever you...
  5. kyonides

    KyoAlert XP

    KyoAlert XP Version 1.2.0 by Kyonides Introduction It simply displays a small notification alert somewhere on the screen depending upon the configuration of its KAlert module. Alerts will be added automatically to a special queue just in case there is another one displayed on screen at that...
  6. ovate

    Blarumyrran - Treasure crates/ chests (gold & gems)

    I'm sharing Blarumyrran's treasure crates here that I formatted for VX Ace. I edited gold & gems fillings into the crates and minor chest lock removal. Features - Variation of wood and metal crates - Gold and gems fillings - Chests with and without lock Credit: Blarumyrran License- Public...
  7. ovate

    Bonsaiheldin - Treasure chests (front/back)

    I'm sharing Bonsaiheldin's Treasure chests here that I formatted for VX Ace. I added two frames between closed & opened chest and back version. Features - Gold, silver and wooden frames - With and without locks - Front and back Credit: Bonsaiheldin License- Creative Commons BY 4.0 license...
  8. kyonides

    Extra Gold XP & ACE

    Extra Gold XP & ACE by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Usually you could just change a method in the Game_Party class to set a permanent limit for the amount of gold the party can keep in its purse. This scriptlet pretends to override that by allowing you the game developer to change the...
  9. adder

    RMMV Skills learning cost scaling

    Hi, I am trying to create skills that require gold and JP to learn them, I am using the Skill Learn System (YEP) and Job Points (YEP), I have no problem setting the base costs, but I would like to make the cost of gold increase with each skill you buy, (Example: 100, 200, 350… etc.) so that all...
  10. ovate

    shunroid - Dice Game Event

    With permission from shunroid, I'm sharing minigame tutorial in English here. I thought I'd come up with this event where some middle-aged dude challenges people randomly all around town to a duel of dices, so here it is. || Stuff I want to do with the dice duel There's this middle aged dude...
  11. Fifix

    RMMZ Gold/Silver/Copper plugin remake

    Hello. I'm looking for someone who can remake the Multiple Currency plugin by Shiggy to work with RPG Maker MZ. It works similar to the currency system used in the World of Warcraft where 100 copper coins equal 1 silver coin, and 100 silver coins equal 1 gold coin. The plugin is attached to this...
  12. ovate

    Gold Icon (currency icon)

    MNKR_GoldIcon - 2020/03/30 Creator name: munokura Introduction Replace currency unit display with icon Note: if you only want to change gold icon only without using YEP_CoreEngine. Feature Parameter to set gold icon based on icon ID Preview Credit and Thanks: munokura Terms of Use- Free...
  13. ovate

    kotonoha* - Escape Lost Gold (Escape Penalty)

    EscapeLostGold - 2016.05.16 ver1.1 Creator name: kotonoha* Overview You lose your gold when you run away in battle Amount of gold lost is calculated 25% of total gold amount from monsters in battle. Note1: Since escape rate has been modified, it may conflict with other battle plugins. Note2...
  14. ovate

    Linkable Credits, Level Up with Gold [system related]

    Link Credits - 2019/04/17 (Ver3.0.0) Creator name: tomoaky (http://hikimoki.sakura.ne.jp/) Overview Adds a credit command to title screen. Features: - Credits can be displayed with a link to their website. - It's all set up through plugin parameters including: Texts for game version and...
  15. ovate

    Metallic Chests, Coins and Medals by SalonTigro Drake

    I'm reposting with permission from SalonTigro Drake. Preview By- SalonTigro Drake Images are formatted to match with chest layout. Ex- !STG_Chest_Metallic_Gold_1 !STG_Coin, !STG_Medal Zip includes: 4 types of chests, 1 coin and 1 medal | 6 images total License- Attribution 4.0...
  16. JtheDuelist

    Gold displaying as Dollars and Cents?

    Is there a way to make gold display in the gold window, in shops, and battle reward as something like $10.50 instead of 1050G?
  17. ovate

    Opposite of \lastGet (Plugin Edit)

    I try editing "Last Get" Text plugin for an opposite counterpart, "Loss Get" About "Last Get" Text plugin- When using \lastGet in Text, it'll display icon and item name in message. Features - Shows icon and item name in text - Also include text for gold increase Example- For "Loss Get" On...
  18. ovate

    "Last Get" Text, "Loss Get" Text

    Torigoya_TextLastGet - Feb 20, 2016 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Overview add "last get item" to message. (\lastGet) When using \lastGet in Text, it'll display icon and item name in message. Features - Shows icon and item name in text - Also include text for gold increase Example-...
  19. TriceratopsX

    Gold Showing up as NaN

    Alright so this is the weirdest problem I've run into thus far working on my game, until a day or two ago the gold was working fine, but now all of a sudden right after the tutorial battle the gold in the menu comes up as "NaN" even if the player doesn't get gold for completing the tutorial. And...
  20. Jeralt

    Questions on starting gold

    So I've been using RPGMMV for a short time now and I dont feel like I know enough to make an even half competent game. For example, I want to set an amount of starting gold. I know this involves creating an event (?) and manipulating a self switch or something like that, bit no matter what...

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