golden sun

  1. ClyncyeRudje

    Scripts to remake Golden Sun's battle/class system?

    I'm not looking to perfectly mimic it--i'd need to fight the battle system far too much just to rotate the camera, let alone have the sprites behave properly with that--but I do at least want it to have a rough visual match. (screenshot taken from the wiki) I've already found some stuff for...
  2. catwizard69

    RPG Maker MV Looking for Help with character artwork in my game

    So, i realize this is a lot to ask for, but maybe not too bad for someone of talent. I'm simply looking for someone to create a portrait for a few ofmy characters in a different art style than the standard rpg maker character generator. The art style i'm looking for is something along the...
  3. m_m_beta

    Retro RPG Music Pack

    Terms of Use Credit: Venomsoar Non-Commercial: Free. Commercial: Free. Repost: Yes. Edits: You are able to modify and edit the music. This is a collection of retro style rpg music using midi instruments. The pack is split into two parts. Contains cave music, battle themes both normal...
  4. TheHeroAaron

    Djinn System Script (Golden Sun Djinn's) Help

    RPG VX Ace Djinn System Script by NB (Neon Black) I really love the Golden Sun series and I've thought about implementing this script into my game. Although i'd like for that to happen I'm having trouble getting this script to work. I tried...
  5. DarkEspeon

    Help Replicating Field Skills: Move

    Hello! Field skills are special kind of skills that can be used outside battles to interact with certain tiles/events. Kind of like HM in Pokemon! I am trying to replicate a field skill "Move" from Golden Sun! How do I do that? So far I came across Yanfly's Map Select Skill plugin, that will...
  6. Project: Light

    Project: Light Dear community! I found out just recently that things liek RPG Maker exist and that it is open to everybody. So i took a little time and got the program and tried to do something I always wanted to do. A game. I really hope that I can go deeper into the complex way of...
  7. Battle system like Golden Sun or Magical Starsign

    Hello my friends ?  Im new to RPG Maker MV and i want to know if there is any existing Plugin thats let me have the Golden Sun or Magical Starsign Battle system ? Because i want to build my own RPG in the same style as the Games. But i cant build such a Plugin by myself. I dont have enough...
  8. luna_blade

    [VXAce] Question about actor sprites

    So I have a question for about the actor sprite. The problem is that we actually need an actor of two block high and not just one. Or we might need some kind of zoom on the actor. This is a progress video...
  9. Transferring data like in Golden Sun games

    Hey guys, I'm working on a project for a while now. I shall post something in a while, but that's when I got enough too show you guys. Thing is, the story is sooooooooooooooooo gigantic, that I maybe wanna make one story over 2 or more games where there's some kind of data transfer so that...

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