1. Keddy

    bloody tilesets

    Hey everyone, im kinda new here. I'll make this short. if anyone has any gory slaughter house kind of tilests or is willing to recommend something similar, id be very much appreative. Anything with animals\bloody items would be good! thanks!
  2. Silverfishette

    Could anyone help me find this? Im looking for some good gore tilesets for Mv

    I'm new to the community and I was wondering if anyone knows someone full on gorey esque tilesets? You know with like humans organs and blood? Basically I'm looking for gore, I make use of RpgMv if anone was wondering about that, it would really be nice if anyone could link anything back, hope...
  3. NickFox2005

    RMMV Hunter Brother's

    Hunter Brother's is a horror adventure game about the failure who is trying to save the girl from the killers in a locked space. Hunter Brother's is contains nightmare sequences of the main character and some choices during the dialogue, game also provides flashing lights, blood, intense music...
  4. Vanir

    Vanir Resources | Update: 43 Icons & variations [133 total] | NO RTP tilesets, icons

    ..................................................... Here you can find several resources among which the tileset will prevail. This thread will be updated over time. Do not hesitate to let me know your suggestions below. PD: The set of tiles I make does not use the RTP set Term of use...
  5. tsu

    flooded tiles and bloodied edited sprites (quadruple?) request

    I hope i'm not requesting too much in this post, I just don't wanna spam the forum and I need a few things :) all of this is for rpg maker vx ace btw I'm planning on having a house more or less flood after an earthquake, but I can't find any tiles for it does anyone know where I can find...

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