1. tale

    14 Sci-Fi RTP Battle Busts

    Sci-Fi faces/ portraits based on enemies design. Includes: SF_Actor3-5: GothicLolita | SF_Actor3-6: SweetLolita SF_People2-1: Boss | SF_People2-4: Assassin SF_People2-5: Preacher | SF_People2-7: Yakuza SF_Others-4: DarkLord2000 | SF_Others-5: Bodyguard Also: SF_People2-6 | 2-8 SF_Others-3 | O-6...
  2. Milennin

    Program closes when setting event graphic

    So, it seems MV closes itself without warning or message when I try to set an event graphic, taking a map tile as graphic used for the event. Anyone else have this happen? Using MV 1.6.
  3. Juanita Star

    Templates For Wings (I just dont know how to use then)

    I’m trying to use both of this templates (angel wings, butterfly wings) with the mack templates down below. Problem is, I'm terrible with Photoshop or spritting in general. Instead of the smooth transition of a walking or flying sprite, I get a sprite with a personalized earthquake. Not a...
  4. Gabrepasta

    A little problem with graphic images

    So... I want to this wagon to, but this is what the graphic select screen looks like. I think the issue is quite obvious. The graphic is called $wagon. Do I need to alter the picture size or anything?
  5. Deldel

    Dels Workshop! [Closed]

    Hi! Welcome to my workshop, and without further ado, let's get down to business! SLOTS: Bernkastelwitch Finnuval FREE Heh, 'tis a new thread! D: Rules: Non-commercial : You can use these freely as long as you credit me as oozarts. It would be great if you sent me a copy of your game (or...
  6. Deldel

    Dels ressources -UPDATE 07/28

    Hello! In this thread I'll be sharing resources I create for practice and I don't need to use. These are all free to use unless stated otherwise. Comments are welcome! I take commissions and request btw :) For Now I only have this one little ressource, this is the first tileset I've ever tried...
  7. Silly question about graphics

    Can someone help me try to figure it out what are these ones? :LZSlol: Thanks in advance! :LZSsmile:
  8. Request for a state colour changing script

    I was wondering if someone could make a script that you put a RGB colour code or percentage for opacity in a state notebox and it tints and changes the opacity of whoever has the state effected to them. This is for a non-commercial game and isn't of much need, I just wanted to know if anyone...
  9. Tatsumaro

    Shop | Graphic and Grid

    Hi im searching for a plugin. I'm using SOUL Graphic Shop ( only to change the shop background) and Shop Menu Core as the layout of the shop. But i want more, im searching for a Grid Inventory. When you enter the shop menu the icons of every item the shop have should be on the right, something...
  10. GameDevil

    Tek Logo Workshop

    This is my workshop where I make logos and title screens. 1. I have right to accept or unaccept any request. 2.You need to send: Game title Type: (Logo/Title screen) Genre Colour Others: (Explanation of the game, other things you need to tell me). Samples:
  11. Rabosion

    Retro Stuff (14th of Jan: KH emotes)

    Hi everyone! Here you can find some resources I made, while trying to teach myself pixel art. I thought it would be fun to share what I've made. Enjoy!:kaojoy: Current Thread Question What would you like to see from this thread in my retro style? -Tiles (new theme or update existing theme)...
  12. Isabella Ava

    Change Whole Party Walking Graphic?

    Hi Guys, can you help me with scripts or a plugin to: change whole Party Walking Graphic (included Actors who joined but not in main Party?) and a method to check if whole Party's Walking Graphic is === a Specified Walking Graphic Or not (like "People1", "index6") Thanks guys
  13. where to find 48*48 sprites?

    Hey, I'm new with RPG maker and still have to decide with which version (ACE or MV) to work. One point not quite clear for me is the characters size on MV with 48*48 and how to deal with sprites size 32*32. I found tons of (free available) sprites (opengameart.org), but most of them come with...
  14. monsters, portrait, sprite (closed)

    the picture you requested can be used by others too credit: dodokajet (not required)
  15. MobileSuitSonic

    Circus material

    Just curious if any tiles or sprites exist for this. I had the idea of your party recruiting a bunch of freaks and performers to help in a mission. The freaks and stuff I can handle about 75% of on my own. Pretty sure sprites exist for clowns and a ringmaster, perhaps some animals. If there's...
  16. Avery

    Graphic Hacks! - Workarounds for everyone

    Hello o/ This is Avery and today I am going to pretend I had no idea how to draw or pixelate. While doing so, I will face certain graphic problems most developer meet while creating a game and show ways to deal with them. Probably you already know some of them, but hopefully there is one or...
  17. MRD256

    Actor Graphic Change on Equipment

    I'm looking for a simple plugin that can change an actor's graphic (Top-Down and Battler) depending on what equipment they have on. I've tried using Rexal's Visual Equipment plugin but it's just a little to complicated for me. I also plan on just using 1 equipment slot to put said equipment in...
  18. Orb

    Orb's Logos

    *This shop is currently CLOSED. I will let you all know once I re-open it. I'm sorry for the inconvenience* Hi humans! I'm here to offer my humble service as an amateur designer making logos for free; it is my own way to say "thanks" to the community, in return for all the things I've taken...
  19. TheKingOfRats

    No picture graphics

    Hello everyone, i have recently started using XP and i cant seem to add a picture graphic for dialogue events, i have looked up videos of people doing it and when they do "Show picture->picture graphic" they have a large list of pictures that they claim came with the game, however when i check...
  20. Icelord24

    LIb's Combat Motion Extension Tutorial [Plugins Required]

    So I've been looking everywhere for a plugin that allowed me to extend my sprite sheet for battlers. I finally found one called "戦闘モーション拡張" ("Combat motion extension") by "LIbのツクールページ" after watching a YouTube video explaining the plugin, however the video was in Japanese and had somewhat poor...

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