1. jordanblake

    Looking for a this type of character generator with facesets

    I been loking in the web for some generator with this type of character style sheet and faces, idk if is xp or vx ace graphics but i really like this type of style,sadly all the post i've found or most of them,are pretty old and the links broken,also if is posible to generate the sprite sheet...
  2. jordanblake

    Plugin for set battler graphics or custom sprites?

    hello, i've searching for some plugin o way to use less sprites(frames) per motion and set in battlers for actors and enemy as well, i have this sheet with 3 frames per motion and 4 rows i made: but also if is possible im searching for a way to set a image per emotion like 1 image for...
  3. Jachan

    First-timer to buy 'DLC' resources; Help?

    First of all, forgive me if it's wrong place to post. Feel free to transfer this to somewhere else that I could probably not find it (more likely overlook it). Second of all, I have looked around and really want some of those ones as useful resources that I may like to include... but as I did...
  4. Zaeran

    Creating clean legible text for CMS

    How do you guys create text for a custom menu that will have a transparent background and NO blurred or anti-aliased parts to it, so as to appear clear from the background but also legible. Software or methods welcome. FYI I am currently using Inkscape a vector art program. (No bits of white or...
  5. Arisete™

    How would you go about fixing this?

    I honestly don't know if this should go under Resource Support since it's a graphic related thing, or Maker Specific since it's related to both, Event + Graphic. So, I resized the Vehicles from the Old School Pack to fit MV since they were Optimized for: and now I've run into this problem...
  6. Set Event graphic script call MV

    Hi, hopefully this is an easy one, but I've spent the last hour googling and I can't find it. I need to change an event graphic through a script (to avoid a ridiculous amount of conditional branches, if you must know :p) and I have something I believe is for an earlier version of the software...
  7. Damaris

    How important is a title screen... really?

    So, I'll start by saying that user interface graphics are one of my strongest skills. I have the ability to make a mind-blowing animated title. But after some consideration, I've been thinking about removing the title screen all together - a simple a "Press X to continue/start" on a black screen...
  8. alennor

    Alennor's Workshop

    Hello there, some of you might have known from long time ago, and i have left this place for quite a while with a tons of req that never been finished yet. I apologize for that and i want to start anew, i hope you guys will give me a chance. So in this few month my skill has increase quite...
  9. Bellfoi

    Making a new event graphic?

    Hey people, In one of my quests, the player must pick up a stool (in order to transport it to a high cupboard so they may reach it). Because I want the stool to disappear when the player picks it up, I've made it into a graphic, so that I can use it as an event. Here is what I've done...
  10. Best Software?

    Ok, so...I'm trying to do a game, but I can't find any good software for do music and graphics...any suggestion? P.S. If the software is free is better. P.P.S I don't know if my question should go here....
  11. IronRifle64

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid Skillbar Graphic

    Resource Type: System Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Rustic Description:  A nine-slot bar that can hold items. Reference Images: Below Thank you!
  12. MaxLos

    How do change the sprite sheet/graphic for an actor during battle

    Noobish question but i've been wondering how to temporarily change an actor's sprite sheet during battle since RPG Maker MV only gives you 3 frames for every animation... Im  looking for a notetag i could possibly use, not a transformation notetag, just something to change my actor's...
  13. SeniorSlime (SK)

    Robot Graphic Needed

    Hey everyone, I need to get an image for my game as a graphic the player can play as. I've attached the sample image I want it to look like. I apologize if this is too hard. Thanks.
  14. Avery

    Tileset Edits for RMMV - Some basic things

    I started this for the learning together event, but as life goes, I couldn't finish it in time. Nontheless, I finished it today and I hope it helps you to improve your skills in this area. if there is anything unclear, let me know! At first I need to say that I use mainly two programms when...
  15. RicoRob

    is it possible to change an event sprite in the middle of a message?

    Say, for example: "Hello.\! [(notice the "\!" command) Here I want to change the event's sprite right after I press the Ok/X button, without creating another text box.] Allow me to guide you." Is it a possible thing to do? I don't want to change the face sprite, but the character sprite...
  16. kibcob

    Help with texture formats

    So I'm fairly new to RPG Maker and I've been working on an RPG in RMVXA. I've been creating my tilesets and I've come across an "error" that I would like some help with, along with some texture formatting advice. In the following picture, the "error" s have been circles in red. The one on the...
  17. Animals graphics - Mooses, Gryphons and Giant Birds

    Hello Guys, I'm new here. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this I'm looking for Characters, mv format in any art style. Thank you in advance!  
  18. Junebug

    How to display enemy status effects?

    Is there a script or option in RPGmaker VX Ace to display the status effects that are being applied to the enemy (if they are poisoned, stunned, attack down, etc.), similar to how the icons are displayed next to your party's actors? It would be nice to have one easy way for the player to keep...
  19. Krzysztof Antosik

    You need high charsets? Do it yourself in seconds!

    I needed quickly resize multiple charsets so I created the action in Photoshop that I've done everything for me, it was a great idea. Now I decided to share this with you. This way charsets are higher and occupy two tiles.  Download ATN file with Google Drive How to do it? It's easy! 1...
  20. Ally

    Windowskin don't change?

    Hello guys, I have a problem in my project, and I can not fix the error... I insert the new Windowskin in the system folder, and renamed it the right way... Then I changed the name in the command line Window_Base: self.windowskin = Cache.system("Window_Lost_Within") The problem...

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