1. Need help with options for textbox face graphics.

    I have two selectable main characters. I've worked out all the issues with that with the exception of face graphics in textboxes. Creating two event pages and using a switch to activate the male character or female character's face graphic for every conversation is the only way I can think of to...
  2. Ultim

    Ultim1337Gamer's Title/Gameover/Logo Workshop

                                                                                                     ABOUT THIS WORKSHOP : Welcome ! In this workshop,I specialize in making : Title Screens,Gameovers,Logos and Support Bars.I won't do anything complicated like "put a dragon near the writing and...
  3. Non-consistence Actor graphic (Please help)

    Hey guys. First off, you're looking at another newbie to the Program but honestly, between work, college, and finances, I say i'm learning well at a really good pace via the tutorials I've found! Anyways, I've noticed a odd problem when I try to make events with some Actor, Behavior, or Damage...
  4. Kes

    Graphic visible only with gear equipped

    What I would like to happen is for a graphic to be visible only if a particular character has a specific accessory equipped. The only way I can think of doing it is to have a parallel process running on all maps where this graphic is, checking to see if the gear is equipped.  However, I am...
  5. Face Graphic posistion and size?

    Newbie here and I have a somewhat simple question. I was wondering how I could change the size and posistion of a Face Graphic in RPG Maker VX. I have created my own graphics and need to know how I can increase the size in RPG Maker VX so I can place it and how to move it above the text box...
  6. estriole


     ■ Information      ╒═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╛ #============================================================================== # EST - [Z - ENCRYPTER] #============================================================================== # Author  : Estriole # Version ...
  7. Vis_Mage

    Unconscious sprite, and minor face edit request

    Hello! I am in need to two basic requests. One is a minor face edit, and the other is an unconscious sprite. ---------------------------   The first request is if someone could make an unconscious sprite for the blue haired mage on the top right, Merric. This could be based/modeled off of...
  8. Horrow

    Horrow's Resources - Update

    Hello,i'm a newbie on this forum so if i posted anything in wrong place please tell me. I'll post stuff i made / my friend made on this thread and sorry for bad english. (It's not my 1st language >.<)   You can pretty much use in many kind of game Credit Horrow Studio if you use it. Let me...
  9. wrigty12

    Conditional Branch - Certain Event Graphic

    I have a statue Event that I want to move forward only when it is facing that direction. Is there a Conditional Branch script that can be checked to check the current graphic of the Event? Thanks!
  10. Shift an event graphic by a few pixels

    Is there any way to shift a graphic along a few pixels but not by a full 32 pixel square? Basically I'm trying to place a sword in the centre of a blank flag to indicate a weapons shop and I can only put it in a corner of the flag at the moment, I need to shift it along 16 pixels and down 16...
  11. Event Commands->Show Picture->Picture Graphic (Massive Loadtime)

    Hi there, I'm pretty new to the rpg maker stuff and reached now a problem, I can't solve by myself. Since I have a massive load of graphics in .\Graphics\Pictures\ (nearly 5000 files, ca 500 MB), I have now the problem, that anytime I wanna add a picture into the game (per event for example)...
  12. Kitty_hime1

    Airship Graphic Error

    In my game instead of using a airship to travel in the sky the characters use a dragon. Only except each time I try to change the airship graphic in the database when I open up the game its the default airship that appears. So i'm asking if anyone knows how to successfully change the airship...
  13. William MC

    Best way to use this graphic? (Tilesets?)

    Hey guys I'm trying to make a nice looking port town and as part of that I wanted to use these little tents made by PandaMaru. I've imported them as tileset D, which works, but it doesn't seem to be the most effective method, especially since it eats up a whole space in my tilesets. So my...
  14. shiori4me

    Only the char. has a running animation. Followers not flagged as "dashing" (commission? adjustment?)

    I'm using http://victorscripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-vx-ace/utility-scripts/character-control/ I know not everyone supports his scripts but this doesn't have many compatibility problems, and it may be an easy fix. I'm not even sure if this would be an adjustment to the script or to the...
  15. jsn2001

    Actor Graphic Change Issue

    I've made a game in RPG Maker XP and have some conditional branches that allow you to enter codes in the name entry screen, like Ao Oni. You can enter codes that change the main character's Actor Graphic. Only problem is, at one point in the game the main character is removed from the party...
  16. Battler Graphic Request-Agent

    Hi, I'm new on the forums so I'm hoping this is the place to post about a Battler Graphic request for VX Ace.  The Batter Graphic I'm looking for is a Agent look.  So something like this but less spy like more cop like, if you get what I'm saying.  The height should be somewhere around this and...
  17. flyingswine

    Graphic Equip Script?

    Hey, folks I'm making a game, and I want to find a script that makes it so when you put on a piece of armor, it reflects the change on your character. However, I don't want to make a character graphic for every equipment combination. I've been looking at Victor Engine Visual Equip, but I have...
  18. Gabrepasta

    Demon- & Angel Enemy sprites.

    I am making a little RPG on VX Ace and need some enemy-Battler-graphics for angels and demons. They do not need to look spectacular. No awesome weapons or shiny light around them. Just basic swords or spears, may axes. The basic stereotype angelic wings and the demos do not even need wings at...
  19. Cutscene/switch/graphic problem, help please??

    Hi folks -- new to the software and the forums, have tried various tutorials online but I just can't seem to find a clear enough answer. I'm trying to create a cutscene, which starts when my player enters the room, has a dialogue exchange, initiates a battle, then some of the characters speak...
  20. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Character Sprite Issues

    After downloading the DS+ Resource Pack, it was found that several of the character sheets, when imported into our project, developed white or teal backgrounds which obscure a small area around them when in use. What's more, some of the resources in the file had the same name as VX Ace files...

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