1. kerbonklin

    Custom Game_Timer Graphic

    Introduction This script is a modification of MOGHunter's Active Timer HUD script, separating the feature for custom Game_Timer graphic numbers from the rest of the original script's features. This can help make your Game_Timer numbers match other number graphic styles that you may be using in...
  2. Kes

    Tint vanishes when menu used

    I have an area which is supposed to be at night and with a sea fog rolling in.  To achieve this I have a tint screen command and a fog graphic which is further tinted dark.  When I enter the area everything is as I would like it to be.  See screenshot one for how it looks. I can move from one...
  3. Event Battle Starter

    HI, I was wondering, is there a way to have an event, when activated by the player, start a battle? it would need an enemy graphic, and should stay still. Once defeated, it would remove the event so that it does not repeat.  Could you please help me?
  4. Arisete™

    Picture Effect : Spin

    I am wondering if someone can make me a small script that allows me to "Spin" a picture so that it could look like a Wheel, or Cogwheel spinning around. The Rotate feature in Ace does not do this properly since it rotates around a big circle. I tried Tsukihime's Picture Wrapper But it's not...
  5. Koi

    Change Actor Graphic not working, help?

    It's simple. I want the player's graphic to change. So I used the Change Actor Graphic, but nope. Doesn't change at all. Here's the event info: Anyone know how to help?
  6. Ninjaroy

    [RPGMVXAce] Changing Menu Selection Graphic

    Hello there. I was wondering if there was any way to change the graphic of the menu selection. I mean the fading box that appears above what you are hovering over in the title screen. Thanks! 
  7. Night Hawk

    Transparent Characters

    Hey guys, So, I just RPG Maker VX Ace a couple days ago and starting tweaking around with it. Now today I thought I might start on my own game. The thing is, the game I'm making does has different character graphics then what Ace provides. So, I made my own (As scene below). They work fine...

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