1. All of my graphics are gone!

    When I opened up RPG Maker XP, I saw that all of my graphics were gone - not just the tilesets but the sprites and everything else. It looks like my entire program folder in My Programs is missing. Is there someone who would be willing to just send me a copy of theirs?
  2. KanaX

    Specific Graphic Change.

    I work a lot with sprite animations, where I either need to have more than 4 different frames into the animation, or have multiple different animations for the character. However, the Change Graphic command in the Set Move Route window doesn't allow me to choose a specific graphic, only a...
  3. Silenity

    Requesting some fantasy shop backgrounds!~

    Hiya! I'm requesting a few backgrounds for a project I am working on. Looking for 640x480 fantasy backgrounds for multiple shops; preferably, all similar styles. I'm using these for whenever accessing a shop. Instead of going inside the shop the menu opens up and the background is displayed...
  4. hyde9318

    GFX Bunker: Restocked

    Welcome one and all to... Welcome to the new and rebooted GFX Bunker. I'm sure the Graphic Bunker is WAY before your time for some of you, but I will explain what this is to catch us up real quick. The Graphic Bunker was a Logo and Title Screen shop I opened WAY back in the day for a short...
  5. BlackRoseMii

    New graphics ideas

    I've been wondering for some time now...A lot of RM Games use the default way of showing the actors during dialogues. Either showing their faces, or showing a bust. But is that really all? Isn't there another way to show some originality? The same problems are with the battle systems. There are...
  6. HavocLogos

    Havocs 3D Logo and Title Bazzar

    I make 3D animated text and logo things :)   These are free for NON-COMMERCIAL usage! If you want something for a commercial game, PM me instead please!   Examples: optimised for RPG Maker VX ACE (544x416 in .ogg, and tiny file size for your game, these were all less than 1MB)   Fun exploding...
  7. IdarG

    RPG Maker 2003 Graphic Pack

    I'm wondering if there is any RPG Maker 2003 graphic pack out there for VX Ace.  BD Because I really love the 03 graphics but the resolution in VX Ace is like doubled! So, are there any way to make the graphics smaller, or perhaps an 03 graphic pack?
  8. _Shadow_

    [VX Ace jitter on map] I think I found out why. It's not VX Ace.

    @Hudell pointed out something important. No matter what graphics card you got, RGSS3 of VX Ace will load CPU and not GPU. That means that graphics card does not help VX Ace in general. DO NOT GET CONFUSED. What I state here, is that quality graphics cards can proccess redrawing smoother than...
  9. Abhilash

    Game Overs By Abhilash

    Hello Friends, I am Abhilash , a young graphic designer. I will make you nice Game Overs Some of my samples include: Samples: Request Slot 1. 2. (i can only entertain 2 at a time). OP Status :  Free  (If Busy do-not flood this post). Request Format: Genre and Theme Of Game...
  10.  Nova

    GRAPHICS (o◕‿‿◕o)

    GRAPHICS (o◕‿‿◕o)   Hey everyone o/   I make: Logos Title Screens Gameovers Bars And other graphic related stuff!    Samples:           How to request: 1. Text 2. Images 3. Colors 4. Font 5. Details 6. Dimensions
  11. OutofthisworldNOMS

    General Advice for Developing an RPG

    Good Morrow! I have been using RPG Maker since XP and I'd like to think I'm fairly well-versed with the software (a statement which I'm sure will be proven incorrect within several seconds) and in the past I've treated the community and forums with a rather voyeuristic attitude. This'll be my...
  12. Koi

    Bitmap Still Showing Behind Tileset Graphics

    So I'm trying to add graphics to my tileset that you can walk behind (you know, marked with the star for passage), but when I add them to a map, you can see the blue checker bitmap behind the graphics. I didn't use to have this problem putting graphics on.
  13. Tornado Samurai

    Where to find busts/face graphics?

    Good evening all. I recently just purchased RPG Maker VX Ace, so I'm kind of new to all this, coming from XP. Where can I find busts and face graphics for charatcers under the following conditions?  - They would have to be able to be used for free or commercial. - They would have to be in...
  14. Set of facial expressions needed for mute monk

    So. I have a mute monk in my game. He can't talk, so his facial expressions and the sound effects that apply to him are very important.  I have a face for him. But as you can see this doesn't have much facial expression to it. So I'd like some for him to go with what he tries to convey or his...

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