1. Unblurring Graphics

    Hi! I'm extremely new to RPG maker, currently I am using VX Ace. I ran into a little trouble while working out the resolution and screen size for a new game I'm planning. I found scripts that let me adjust the resolution and window size to my preference, but the pixels end up blurry whenever the...
  2. Problems with missing graphics

    Hey this is my first post so I apologize that this is probably in the wrong thread, but as the title suggests I'm having a problem with some missing graphics. It mainly occurs when I'm at the name input processing but also at other various points. thanks heaps for your help!
  3. InfiniteStateMachine

    Trying to Understand Some Quirks with Tilesets...

    Hey, everybody. I'm developing an experimental system in MV and as such wanted to dress it up with some hand-made tilesets; I stubbed in some art and started hitting on a weird issue, though. Check this out... ...The image is mostly fine (some fixable tiling issues aside) but I have no...
  4. Ivan_the_Terrible

    Distance between followers

    Greetings, fellow bipeds! I'm experimenting with using larger characters in my game, which has led to a rather interesting problem. When the characters are larger than a certain size, it seems as though they are not spaced accordingly on the map, and the followers tend to be too close to one...
  5. Jordan_Winslow

    How to Make Your RPG Maker Game Look Unique With CRT Shaders! (Scanlines) Tutorial

    This is the effect we are going for and will achieve in less than 5 minutes with no plugins or scripting! How do we do it? I have made a video guide for you!
  6. Koulucky

    Koulucky's Battlers

    Hey guys, here's where I'll post any battlers I make, there are separate versions (size) for VX Ace & MV, but you can use them in any RPG Maker program you want as long as you give credit.
  7. DeyJay5

    Problem with importing custom character graphics? (RPG Maker VX Ace)

    I currently have a problem which is driving me up the wall. If anyone could help me with this I would be so grateful. My problem is that whenever I import custom "character" graphics, the display is always just a little bit off. Example in this picture below: (the part that has been circled is...
  8. DerVVulfman

    Brenda's Visual Battlers

    Brenda's Visual Battlers Version: 2.0 Introduction This system is designed to allow you, the programmer, to have battlers be able to change their appearance based on the weapons or gear being worn. It is based on Me(tm)'s Visual Equipment system which in turn was based on the systems by...
  9. Tint_rect(target_rect)

    Hi! I am trying to dynamically add a tone (similar to the 'Tint Screen' event command) to only a certain area (rectangle) of the map. Changing the tone of all characters within the rect was simple: class Sprite_Character alias update_alias update def update #because characters can walk into...
  10. Marquise*

    A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Custom Spaceship Body Shop

    Welcome to the A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Custom Spaceship Body Shop Where your storytelling needs need in space vehicles and extra-vehicular activity in galactic environments might find just the little something you were looking for! Terms of Use & Credit I was searching what else I could do after...
  11. SailorRose

    Your opinion on differing/clashing art styles within a game?

    This started out as a quick question on a status update, but it'll be better suited for a thread. Here's the question: Does it bother you when there's multiple art styles within a single game? (RPG's, visual novels, or just games in general) For me, personally, it depends. As long as...
  12. SailorRose

    Bust graphics in battle during 'super' moves?

    Is there any way to do something like this during battles?: (Watch the attack at the very beginning) Say when you're using a specific attack, a large graphic of the character zooms across the screen for a second and then the actual "hit" animation plays on the enemies. Is there a script for...
  13. Moving Book Case

    I made a moving book case sprite, but it doesn't work properly how can I fix it?
  14. The Mighty Palm

    Palm's Crappy DS/FES Style Battlers

    I decided since I'm making a lot of these, I may as well drop them here for everyone else. Rules and stuff: All these battlers are 100% custom. I did not use anything other than borrowing from the color palletes of the DS resources so these are perfectly legal to use even if you don't have...
  15. Azmor

    Azmor's Planetary Workshop

    Hey-ho, welcome to my "Planetary Workshop". So what's this all about you ask? Well, you propably can guess: It's all about planets! Have you ever imagined your world map on a sphere, floating around in space, followed up by different planets you thought of and you would really like to make this...
  16. Clockwarkgate

    Centering the Graphics from the Event Box

    Is there a way to make my 96x96 sprite anchored at the center of the event box instead of center bottom of the event? (What for?) I'm gonna use it for oversized spaceship on my GTBS game, for target point accuracy. If its possible for VXace, you can also tell me.
  17. Keegan

    2x1 Event

    I want to make a treasure chest, but the size is 2x1 tiles, so the chest is wider than the RTP chest. I know that in editor, 2x1 graphic tiles will appear as one tile, but in game, the size will follow the size of the graphics (which is 2x1). I run it and the graphic looks good in the game...
  18. SmashArtist

    ~SmashArtist's Art Workshop~ [0/3 slots taken] ((CLOSED))

    Welcome to ~SMASHARTIST'S ART WORKSHOP~ Open to make almost any art you need for your game! I'm here because I love helping projects grow! :kaojoy: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANNOUNCEMENT EVENT Specific Characters In this event requesters can give...
  19. l8rose

    L8rose's Workshop [Sketches]

    Apologies ahead of time if this doesn't quite fit the Workshop idea. Alright, as some folks have probably noticed, I like to sketch. A lot. Sketching is in fact my destresser of choice. The thing is that I sketch so much that I sometimes run out of ideas on what to sketch. So this workshop is...
  20. JtheDuelist

    [1/3 Spots Filled] JtheDuelist's Face Set and Bust Workshop

    I need practice before I can open a Classifieds shop, so I have made this workshop in the mean time to get that needed practice. ====Samples==== ====Request Template==== Name of Project Resource Will Be Used In: (The name of your game- so I can keep track of the game's I've helped with)...

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