1. FatalErrorDriveB

    Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone! I've actually been here before but I had a different username back then and it's been a few years so I thought I'd start fresh. I look forward to getting back into this community and working once more on RPG maker games! I'm working on learning JS scripting this time so any tips...
  2. Sajai-D-Halo

    Greetings - RPG Maker Class of Summer 2019, anybody?

    Hey hey, people Nice to meet you all! Just trying to figure out as much as I can about making a great dungeon crawler. I've written a lot throughout my life and have always wanted to make a game but never had the know-how to do it. But thanks to RPG Maker and the internet, that is now possible...
  3. Powerise

    Hello Everyone, I'm New Here :)

    Hello to all my new friends and to all the Staff here! My name is Nai or just call Powerise :) , I working for Graphic Studio. Long time fan off RPG Maker (Since XP) so im looking to get back into the full RPG Maker mode :) I working in the Game development area for 2 years now - Currently...
  4. VeryXInh

    Hello, nice to meet ya all

    Hello everyone, i got RMXP during Steam's sale season just few days ago. I was searching some features that i didn't understand and found out about this forum . This site is great, hopefully i can learn & share experience with everyone here :yhappy:

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