1. AggroAzteca


    Hiya, my name is AggroAzteca. I've been using Rpgmaker (XP and MV) for roughly a year though my learning was hampered by work. I'm currently working on my most ambitious project which is a retro rpg set in the Medusa myth. I tend to make my own art instead of using assets which does lead to...
  2. Tero


    Good evening all, Just wanted to be polite and introduce myself before asking loads of questions. I'm Tero, I have used RPG maker on and off since 2000. I made many small concept projects but sadly became busy and moved on. Now I've found extra time in my life I have decided to return to RPG...
  3. Greygoose


    I've been on this forum for a small while, but I never formally introduced myself. Hi, I am Greygoose, a fella who enjoys using RPG Maker as a side hobby. I am also a novice spriter who specializes in making basic charsets using the RPG Maker XP base. I uploaded some of my work, as well as...
  4. Hello there (^^)

    Hello there, My name is ichikamal. I am currently working with RPGM - MV. And i am absolutely super ultra newbie in creating rpg game. Please be nice to me (^o^)/
  5. MagicalWolfie


    It's already my bedtime, but why not!:kaojoy: Why don't I just come here and say hi. Hi, people... I like RPG Maker, and I'm guessing since the name of this forum is RPG Maker, I'm in the right place. If not, then I'm going to run away now...:kaoeh: If it is the right place, then let me greet...
  6. Neil London

    Hello! I am a new member!

    Hello all! I am new to the site, obviously, and also new to RPG Maker MV. I spent some time on my "About Me" section and it really introduces me well so I'm just going to paste it here if that is okay with everyone! Since I'm very knew I'm here to learn what I can from everyone! Thanks!Section...
  7. Spoopy

    Hello all

    Hi people. New noob here to RPG Maker and the forums. Recently got VX Ace on Steam, so still at the learning phase. Still need to figure out how link my copy to the site account. Was torn between buying XP or VX Ace, hope I picked well. Looking forward to learning and meeting the...
  8. Canini

    Happy Holidays

    Happy holidays, everyone! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everybody on this community for being so great. Since coming here to learn a bit about the rpgmaker engine I have found this to be one of the most friendly game engine communities out there. Here I have learned a lot, got great...
  9. Umikoume

    Greetings Everyone!

    Hello everyone! I am the Game Dev for Umikoume and the Secrets of the Sea! You may call me Umi or Bella! I heard of this website from a facebook group, and I'm here to look for further assistance with this game or any of my future games I might need help with! I hope to get along with...
  10. DarkBooDev

    Greetings, I am DarkBooDev!

    Hello, everyone! I am DarkBooDev, but you can just call me "Dark" for short. I am 18 years old and am hoping to delve into the world of game design and software development as I venture off into college. I am new to RPG Maker in and of itself, but I have used other game engines in the past and...
  11. nevarran

    Hi there

    Greetings, people. My name is Mihail and I'm a total newbie in the RPG Maker world and game development in general. I found out about RPG Maker few months ago and since then I was very eager to give it a try. And now I finally decided to drop by and see how the whole process works...
  12. Greetings!

    After lurking around in this wild forum, and learning how to survive the apocalypse by eating nothing but strudels for 10 days, I have finally decided to actually join the party and contribute to this fantabulous community. I'm just your average next-door teen. My hobbies consist of...
  13. Hello, RPG Artists

    After several months (maybe over a year? I'm not sure anymore, lol) of visiting these forums and reading all the ideas and drooling over resources, the release of MV has pulled me out of hiding. It's nice to meet you all, call me Mobius. I've had a lot of ambitious ideas, and more than a few...
  14. Greetings

    Posting here you just say hello. I'm finally going to start seriously working on the game idea that I've had for the last five or so years. Now that RPG maker MV is out I have a lot more desire to work on it.
  15. Express is on the go!

    Hello there my name is Silver who (stupidly) started this Express thingy which I have this for Snow. Silver Express and Blues Express is also mine. For now I am just a amateur scripter.(The bad amateur way.) Well I'm also talented at making box art designs, characters and sprites. I use open...
  16. MASH

    Greetings! Strangers and some people I may already know!

    Hello RMW , I am MASH , or some other may recall me as MASH_MX from RMVX I'm not really a stranger and I'v been around along time in the RM communities since 2007. Sadly I don't really have a home or a RM community anymore since RMVX died, RIP. I was there along time and felt welcomed and...
  17. Auburn Sakura


    Umm, hello all. I'm new here. (I suppose that's obvious...) Lol. *Insert nervous laugh here.* Well, anyway, I just bought the boxed version of RPG Maker VX Ace in October. I've been playing around with it a little and looking up resources and stuff, nothing done yet, but I have some ideas. :)...
  18. LeviK52

    Hello, RM Community!

    Hello,  I've been admiring RPG Maker for many years. I decided to put forth some effort, start reading up on material, and move forward, from square one. All along the way, there are constant messages and tags saying how active and helpful the community is, so it seemed like a no brainer to...
  19. J.M. Henry

    Hm? Oh, hello! :)

    Just stumbled onto this while roaming the forums a bit so... J.M. Henry, comic artist and a bit of an RM dabbler on the side. This time around, I'm determined to, at least bit by bit, put together an RPG based on my current comic project The Lostland. Ah, I'm never good with making these any...
  20. Interesting introduction...

    ...was what I thought I'd do. Unfortunately, something interesting is subjective merely to the reader. Hello there. I am a designer by day and cuckoocloudlander for life. My brain is hardwired in the weirdest way possible. Each day I think up of different scenerios and stories.  Recently, I...

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