grid-free doodads

  1. Gabe Denzien

    No mouse control in Yanfly's Grid Free Doodads

    Hi, i'm using Yanfly's Grid Free Doodads Plugin (1.10) and i cannot place doodads with my mouse. You can normally do this, but instead i have to use precision move (which is slow) and move screen to place any doodads. Left clicking to gain mouse control just places the doodad. I have tried...
  2. Yanfly´s doodads- Making collision

    Greetings, -For those who doesn´t know what Yanfly´s grid-free doodads plugin do and what´s the main problem with that: It basically allows you to place tiles onto map through in-game menu that this plugin adds, but you don´t have 48x48 grid limitation while placing the tile. Only problem with...
  3. Archeia

    Convert a Tileset to Single Images using Pyxel Edit

    A fast and quick tutorial on how to use Pyxel Edit and convert a tileset to single images. Download Pyxel Edit. Open Pyxel Edit. File -> Import -> Import Tiled Image(s). Load the Tileset you want to convert. Set the correct Tile Width and Height on the newly opened window. Press Import Tiles ->...

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