grid free doodads

  1. RMMV Grid Free Doodads basic layering problem

    Hello! I'm using YEP_GridFreeDoodads (v1.10) and the layers list reads as follows: 10. Highest Layer 9. Higher Layer 8. High Layer 7. Above Char 6. Upper Layer <-- 5. Same as Char 4. Under Layer <-- 3. Below Char 2. Low Layer 1. Lower Layer 0. Lowest Layer These two layers should, presumably...
  2. Kong

    RMMV What does this line of code do? (Galvs CamControl)

    Hey again! I'm having trouble using both Yanflys Doodads Plugin and Galvs CamControl because the CamControl plugin shifts Yanflys Doodads by a pixel whenever the cam moves (which is a problem because we work pixel perfect in many scenes). If this was our wanted result: We'd get this...
  3. Celianna

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Game & Map Screenshots 11 This thread is meant for showing off screenshots or maps made for your project, and to comment on or give advice to other members. Screenshots of any Maker (including Visual Novel Maker) is welcome. No other game engines are allowed. In-game screenshots and...
  4. Zakarijah

    Help installing YEP GridFreeDoodads.js

    Can someone explain how to install this plugin? In his video, he talks about unzipping the 'doodads.rar' file but you can only get the following and I can't seem to find it...? YEP_GridFreeDoodads.js doodads_starting_pack.rar (no way to unzip???) doodads.js.rar (also no way to unzip) Please...
  5. Sc0wly

    Grid Free Doodads (F10) not working.

    I updated my RPG Maker MV to version 1.6.2 on Steam yesterday. Today why play-testing when I hit F10 to bring up the Doodad interface nothing happens. F9 also doesn't bring up my switches. My other function keys are working correctly (F5 to reload, F2 to check FPS, F8 to bring up console, etc.)...
  6. JayIsrael

    Slight problem with the amazing Grid Free Doodads

    I have been using the remarkable Grid Free Doodads plugin with great success ( ) - however, I had placed an image that I realized after the fact, I needed to make an edit to. I edited the image in Photoshop, and replaced the...
  7. Phoenixsylph

    [Problem Resolved w/ Yanfly doodads not saving, Was a PC issue.] [Will report for removal]

    Just test on hand, an actual file of something I was working on as well as a brand new file. I show the folders, everything is where it needs to be places, File paths, ect. The new game file I have it in is here [the second one I tested, with just the neccessary plugin files in use.]...
  8. DarkEspeon

    YanFly's Grid-Free Doodads: GFD Window not opening

    Thread. Basically, I haven't updated plugins in a while, almost a year, but today I continued and found out that the window no longer opens. You're supposed to press F10, and then a window opens and through it you can place or remove doodads, but it just doesn't work. The doodads I placed before...
  9. LuLingqi1

    YEP GridFreeDoodads... Ummm?

    So, regardless of the layer, will my character ALWAYS be able to walk through doodads?  Like I have torches that are around a summoning circle in yhe center of a room and i have them on the same layer as charcters but there isn't signs of collision

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