1. Roguedeus

    RMMV JRPG Incremental 'Crawler' (JRPG Inc.) - Updated: 20_1001 (Ended)

    Ok... This may be a terrible idea. But something about it has my mind in knots, and I am intent to untie them. Started a conversation about it here. The idea is simple... (enough) Pure mechanics. Deterministic foundation of combat. (Few purely random action results) If you swing, you will...
  2. Arctorius

    Refightable Bosses, How do I stop exp grinding?

    My game consist mostly of boss fights, boss fights that can be refought. That means that the player could break the difficulty of the game by grinding them. I thought of answers to this problem. First, I wanted the enemies to give zero exp, and recieve the exp through an "Change level" event...
  3. Silent Darkness

    Grinding Alternative: Train with your fellow party members

    Okay, so I came up with an idea that can be used in an action RPG. A different take on what becomes inevitable at the end of early-game and onwards. The grind. Now, instead of putting money into stat boosts, or going into dungeon x and grinding 10000 lesser enemies, the thought occured to me...

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