1. EmmaB

    EmmaB's MV RTP Edits

    Latest Resource: Storybook RTP Generator - Male Hi everyone, Welcome to my resource thread! I've been doing lots of different edits to MV's RTP and decided I'd share them with you all. Hopefully, you can find something useful for your games! :rhappy: Terms of Use: ~ Must own a legal version of...
  2. KingTentacleAU

    Using Orange time, how to: Grow crops based on days passed.

    As above, i am running orange time for my game that will include a day to day system and growing crops. I have tried to think up some way of setting up variables and common events to work out how to do my crops. I could easily do the parallel process with a "wait" command but that's not how i...
  3. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Parameter Buff Combat Display

    Hello all, I'm looking for some help.  I made a skill called Fortify which has the following effects: Add buff Max HP for 1000 turns (don't want it to go away) Add buff Max HP for 1000 turns Add state Shield (a DEF buff) Add state Protection (a MDEF buff) Recover HP 132 (that is how much...

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