1. MrLeft

    MP3/Radio Eventing System

    A while back, I was looking for a GTA style radio script, where it'll play a variety of songs from a playlist on its own. I couldn't find one, so I tried my hand at eventing it instead. While on my journey on finding this type script, it seems that a fair amount of people were also looking...
  2. OZiO

    The Man Of Many Questions

    Hey guys, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have a 4 Legthy questions that are significant for my game to work, but what I'm looking for really is to know "is this possible within the engine?" Sorry if you guys get stuff like this a lot.  1) I'm making a modern city rpg game with...
  3. Car driving script request/question (GTA Style)

    Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone could help me  :)   Im looking for a way to make a car in RPG maker VX ACE to have acceleration, Brakes and smooth turning i know using some Victor Ace scripts i can get multiple frames for the wheels but i was wondering if anyone has a way to make a...

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