1. Help With Script Error

    Hey I just put subclasses into my GTBS game and when I am in a tactical battle and press B twice over an enemy to view their stats and class I get this error and the game crashes. I have no idea how I would define a subclass. I think it would be fine if pressing BB on an enemy to see their...
  2. tammie

    GTBS + Victor's Multi Frames

    Hello, I am using GTBS (Gubid's Tactical Battle System) for VX Ace (it can be found here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/gubids-tactical-battle-system-v2-4-for-ace.16085/) and it's working fairly well, but with one issue. I am also using Victor's Multi Frames script, found...
  3. k_mckenzie

    RMMV Mana's Christmas

  4. Gabbypie64

    GTBS + parallax

    I need a Parallax mod that works with my combat script https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/utility-scripts/parallax-lock/ is the one am using but any will due
  5. Gabbypie64

    GTBS Characters not showing up on the battle field

    they are custom sized is that the problem
  6. GTBS

    hi There i’ve got a problème with the TBS systeme i can’t stars a battle bacause there is an error message « ennemy/events missing » what am i supposed to do ? PLS help Sorry i have a french keybord
  7. FAGC54

    [GTBS] Skill Set up help.

    Hello! I'm using GTBS (Gubid's Tactical Battle System) and i'm trying to set up the skills. The system gives you the possibility to make certain skills not use the current turn action (meaning that whenever you use those skills your turn will not end and you could still attack or use another...
  8. Clockwarkgate

    Centering the Graphics from the Event Box

    Is there a way to make my 96x96 sprite anchored at the center of the event box instead of center bottom of the event? (What for?) I'm gonna use it for oversized spaceship on my GTBS game, for target point accuracy. If its possible for VXace, you can also tell me.
  9. redcachalot

    Query: Two battle systems in one game

    Hi, I’m designing a game that is going to need two battle systems to add variety to the gameplay’s combat. My Game's Design I specifically want the YSA Battle System - Classical ATB (CATB ) to work for random encounters and some map-enemy events and the GubiD Tactical Battle System (GTBS) for...
  10. GubiD's Tactical Battle System Hit/Miss animations

    Hi, I am using RMXP with GTBS 1.5.2. I haven't been able to figure out why the hit/miss animations don't play correctly with this system for a long time now. I set the animations up correctly in the database but when I run the game. Only the hit animations play even though it says 'miss'. If...
  11. esziaprez

    Scifi GTBS pack

    Hello I have many resources to GTBS isometric and I want to share it. Licence Free to use in any project you want if you give me a free copy and you give credit to Esz. FACES *sorry but the windowskin is not mine. CHARACTERS BATTLERS (some are not finished yet Ill...
  12. Need help with GTBS (Gain EXP on Counter, AI help)

    I've been using GubiD's Tactical Battle System and have run into three issues that will cause trouble down the line. I've searched the web and the related sites and even looked at the script, but couldn't figure anything out. If anyone can help me resolve these issues, I'd appreciate it greatly...
  13. I want to ask gtbs2.4 enemy's counter attack animation setting.

    I want to ask enemy's counter attack animation setting when mini side-view battle. default setting enemy's counter attack is 'skill -> attack(id 001)' in database. For example, Armed with a sword enemy and Armed with a lance enemy are all the same animation when counter attack. I want to...
  14. Aegil_Wardritter

    How to use GubiD's TBS

    Hey guys, so I recently found a script add-on that seems to have a lot of potential. It's really is what I'm looking for, as far as the project I'm working on goes. The add-on is "GubiD's Tactical Battle System" or simply "GTBS". I still know nearly nothing about how to apply this system...
  15. Puebeck

    Tharkian Tales

    Hi y'all, I'm fairly new to RPG maker and its community, so I thought I'd share my current project with you and hope to get some feedback. The name of the project is still subject to change, but Tharkia is the world it takes place in. Tharkian Tales Story Synopsis: Two characters travel the...
  16. GTBS Question

    So I've been using GTBS for my game.  I've been able to disable the mini battles as I just want the battle to take place on the map.  I would go to GubiD's site but it seems to be having troubles as of a few days ago.  If there is another resource that holds all the how to use certain things or...
  17. Lifestorm

    [Ace] Item Use Error in GTBS 2.4

    Hi guys, Hope everything's going well! I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me resolve a strange error I seem to be getting while using Gubid's TBS system. Whenever I try to use an item in battle, "wait this turn" pops up on the TBS messaging window, and I get the following error...
  18. GubiD

    GubiD's Tactical Battle System v2.4 for Ace

    GTBSv2.4 for VX Ace!   GTBS has been a side project of mine for many years. After deciding to learn scripting all the way back in 2006 so that I could create a game with it. The system is now completely functional in RPG Maker VX Ace. The system boast a number of features including...

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