1. SwordSkill

    Captain and Guard Damaged Poses

    Resource Type: Character Set. Maker Format: MV Art Style: I am looking for the RTP captain and guard in People 3 charset but them being in a damaged pose like this: Damaged Pose: Note: I don't necessarily need all three poses of this, just one will suffice.
  2. Kokonaugt

    Skipping Skill Confirmation

    Hello! I'm trying to implement different defence skills for my actors to replace the Guard feature. Currently I have 3 actors, one of the skills would be centered around raising the defense, one around raising the evasion rate, and the last one granting the user a counter / reflect ability. The...
  3. NinjaKittyProductions

    The Guard Skill... let's change it.

    Hello gamedevs, I do not know why it took me so long to even think of this, as I'm am sure (and others will point out ^_^) this topic probably already exist somewhere in the vastness that is the forums, but looking at the guard mechanic, that is to say the skill that calls the state, it seems...
  4. [Suggestion] Guard Skill Trait

    Now that MZ added a new trait that allows you to give each actor an individual Attack command skill, I think it would be a good idea to introduce the same trait for the Guard command. Description of the Feature: The Guard Skill trait would change the skill used when the actor uses the Guard...
  5. TheDrifter

    [SOLVED] How do I make an attack do reduced damage if its target has a specific state?

    Hi, For the sake of an example, let's say I've set up an attack skill that enemies will use on the player's characters, and it always deals 300 damage no matter what. No variance, no critical hit chance, no added states, perfect accuracy, etc. Is there a plugin or something I can put in the...
  6. How can I disable the "guard pose" while using the guard command?

    Question is, I want the guard command to stay on my game; but I want for the character to stay in its regular animation while guarding insteadof doing the "guard pose". How can I do that? Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.
  7. OmnislashXX

    MV Soldier/Guards

    Hey guys. I'm looking for guards, or more importantly some variations of them. For instance, I'd like to use Guards donned in golden, black, and red hued armor. If you could point me in the direction of those resources or make some guards yourself, I would be grateful. Thank you.
  8. Ameer

    Guard not going away

    I am having really strange problem my guard state is not going away after one turn and it's not going away at all and it's default guard state I have modified it but now I just reset it to default and it still doesn't go away and plugins I have for states are Yanfly buffs and states Core and...
  9. Uzuki

    How to activate an Counter Skill BEFORE taking damage? (MV)

    Hey everyone, I'm having a bit of a issue with a skill I'm trying to set up. In my game shields replace counter attack skills and instead inflict the Guard state on the user and they will take less damage. The problem is that I can't get the counter skill to activate until after a character...
  10. Yanfly battle system ATB

    Using this plugin, i noticed that guard command (or skill) has no Gauge Charge, I want to set no Gauge charge to the attack command (or skill) too, I've searched in the plugin code, but nothing related to Guard command/action, someone can help me please? Sorry for my English :) Dave98
  11. Chrono Engine / Changes to Command Guard

    Hi Guys, does someone know how to make changes to the Guard Command within the Chrono Engine (Chrono Mode)?! It seems like the Guard Command does an extra defence, around 50% for one enemy if selected. I would like to add TP gain to the command. The only place I found something containing...
  12. NatuElChido

    Cover/Bodyguard State

    Hello everyone. I want to start the post with a little backstory, first of all I know that in Vanilla RPG Maker MV there is a similar State, which uses a special flag called Substitute. Now, It is important to clarify that this particular state, should be used by the Yanfly's plugin, Auto...
  13. Bowmanimmortal

    Voice Line Request!

    Hey, so I'm making a game called , and I need some VOICE LINES! Requirements: You have to be male, have a deep voice, and not mind your voice being in my game. You will have to record the voice line in two formats. The voice line has to have a .m4a version and a .ogg version. This is what you...
  14. Skill that affects both the user the target differently

    So In my game I have only one shield user and in this case, he is the only one who is able to use the guard skill. I made it so that it would always go first and block all incoming damage, so to prevent it from being overpowered I also apply a slowness state so that the next turn, the character...
  15. KrimsonKatt

    Bravely Default Battle System

    Hello. I have gone across the internet trying to find this script, but no one has ever made one, even though it seems really simple. (I don't know ruby script so what do I know. :rswt) Only two people have requested this, one guy on this forum who closed the page to further comments for no...
  16. Parallax Panda

    Switch weapon skill & Remove battle commands

    Instead of making two separate topics I'd like to ask two questions in regard to my battle system. My first request would be instructions of how I can remove the [Attack] and [Guard] battle commands completely. I'd also like to "move" the [Item] command and place it within one of my two skill...
  17. Vetmora

    Galv's MV Event Detectors JS Plugin: Store original x y

    I'm using one of Galv's plugins here: https://galvs-scripts.com/2016/08/01/mv-event-detectors/?blogsub=confirming#subscribe-blog I'm setting up guards that chase the player and then go back to their "post" (original position) if they lose sight of the player. This plugin pretty much does what I...
  18. Niokuma

    Guard Attacks

    Why does the guard ability attack enemies?  I can't figure out how this works no matter where I look. :(   Is there any possible way where I can make the guard ability not attack and defend the actor instead of attack? Nevermind, apparently, I didn't know that the guard ability was...
  19. Jaxer

    How to make guard NPCs/Pokemon trainer encounters

    I want to add guard NPCs that walk back and forth in the movement pattern I set to them, and you would be teleported back to the beginning of the stage if they see you(Kinda like Pokemon trainer encounters, y'know), but I have no idea how to do that! There's no 'seeing you'-option in the Trigger...
  20. Help! I need a guard in my shop.

    I am making a weapon shop, where you steal something. I need the guard to not attack you until you STEAL the item. Thanks for reading!

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