1. gabon

    AvatarWorld - Legacy of the Reaper v1.0(Moved to rpgmv and newgrounds)

    AvatarWorld ~Legacy of the Reaper~   Introduction of the story : The plot starts 65 Million Years ago on a space ship that tries an experiment to replicate the genes of an unknown species of aliens who posses some kind of "magic" . The experiment almost go wrong...
  2. Shining Force Guild/Party System

    Is there a way to make a party member go to a specific place in the world when they leave the map and is there a way to recall them? For example, in Shining Force you could collect your members and leave them inside your castle to pick up later. I hate how in MV the party is always following...
  3. JinKuze

    Guild Development?

    Hey all, so I've been thinking about a project revolving around you the player developing a guild of your own. I have a couple of questions as to how I should proceed to accomplish this. How do I go about having the player input a name for their guild? Recruiting guild members and being able...
  4. JinKuze

    Developing a guild?

    Okay, so I've been thinking recently about making a project revolving around the player developing their own guild along with recruiting guild members. Either way, let's say you start and the player decides, "I should make a guild! The greatest guild ever!" (I know, so good.) So you create...
  5. Davõr Jörmling

    Anyone Playing Guild Wars 2?

    I started playing gw2 a couple weeks ago, loved it, picked up HoT and have been helping build up my guild (The Myrgard) ever since.

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