1. StardustPiggly

    Stardust Piggly's Resources

    Terms of Use Free to use and modify as long as credited. Free for commercial use as well. If you're looking for a more polished and detailed gacha for MV @dragoonwys made some really nice ones. Just don't forget to read up and follow their terms of use :LZSproud: Download Flat top...
  2. KiraNet

    Hairs for Generator for RPG Maker MV?

    Does anyone know where to get free hairstyles for the character Creator?
  3. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    RMMV Etika hair generator part request

    I would like to make a game dedicated to Etika with SV Actor sprites so I was wondering if anyone could make hair generator parts. Here's an example I attempted to make. The afro hair from this link may even be able to be edited...
  4. Xirania

    Xira's Hairstyle Trims

    Hey everyone! I got RPG Maker MV pretty recently and though I love the character creation tool, I've found it to be severely lacking in the hairstyle department. To top it off, finding rear hairstyles for download seems to be near impossible, so I figured I'd make some edits to create more...
  5. Madre_Joshua

    Help with Hair in the Generator?

    Nevermind. Problem irrelevant now.
  6. Danitinkis

    RMMV hair generator part request.

    Hi! So I am IN LOVE with my FFXIV character, so I would like to add him to my game. The problem is his hairstyle, I didn't found out any hair part that looks like hims, so if someone could create it I would be very thankful. Here is a variety of photos of every angle: I would need all the 4...
  7. nakina

    Spiky hair for MV character generator

    Resource Type: Generator Parts Maker Format: RPG Maker MV Art Style: RPG Maker MV RTP Description: I'd like to have some more anime inspired hair for the character generator like super saiyan goku's hair from Dragon Ball Z or something similar. I would like it to be black if you can't get...
  8. Ambianum

    Slightly balding Hair

    Hi, this is for you creators ;-) This is a generator part...
  9. PhoenixX92

    "Pixie Cut" hairstyle for XP that I can use as reference?

    Anyone got one? If not, don't worry about it. I'll make my own and share it later. Just figured someone, somewhere, would have already done it for reference.
  10. Adding Color Streak to Hair

    Hey, guys! I thought this would be an easy mod, and maybe it is, but I'm missing a step somewhere. I'm trying to add a customizable color streak to front hair designs (for the emo kid in all of us). However, I can't seem to get the generator to detect a second color. I managed to get it to a...
  11. Mikleo

    [VX Ace] Hair and Clothes Face Generator Parts

    EDIT: Nevermind about the Hair Part, somehow, I was able to do it. I'm looking for Clothes that can be added in the Face Generator too. Preferably, Modern Clothes or Military Clothes if possible. And since this thread is already here, can anyone here understand Japanese? I actually found...
  12. Kikko

    Changing charachter potrait and sprite

    So I want to make a place where you can change your hairstyle and clothing in my game. The problem is just that when you have the option to change clothes to the character I also have to change their portrait when they talk since there are different combinations to choose from. The only fix I...
  13. Gradient Hair Issues

    I altered the Gradient file to change hair colour of my characters and it looks great but when I change the hair it only changes for the face picture and not the battler or walking.  It all stays blonde.  Any ideas?  PLease help!  Thanks!
  14. ImmortalAmpharos

    Looking for specific hair/eyes for main character

    I've been trying for hours to replicate one of my anime character OC's in RPG Maker MV art style/format. However, I don't like the hairstyles or eyes for the males in the generator. Attached is a picture of the base, and I'm trying to make an RPG Maker MV character that looks like the character...
  15. Mikleo

    Wavy Hair

    Hello, can someone please do a Wavy Hair Generator or a Sprite with Wavy Hair for RPG Maker MV like the one seen in RPG Maker VX Ace?
  16. Vis_Mage

    Sprite Hair Coloring

    Howdy! I was wondering if someone would be willing to help me out with a little bit of recoloring, specifically a sprite sheet's hair. Essentially, I'm hoping to change up this character sheet: And ideally changing his hair color to match (or at lease closely resemble) the blue...
  17. Emperor DragonBreath

    Visor Helmet

    This is my first resource request. Does RPG Maker MV have any helmet generator parts, let alone those that cover the entire face, if not, then has anyone made a helmet that covers the entire face as a generator add-on, because one of my bosses, Emperor Akira is supposed to have a helmet that...
  18. Derex000

    Derex's Generator Overhaul (Updated August 16)

    NOTICE! PLEASE FILL THIS OUT! It will help me make more content for the generator. I want to know what YOU want! FILL OUT THIS SURVEY PLEASE Welcome to my Character Generator collection! Everything in here is 100% made by me. I'll be updating this post as regularly as possible...
  19. Servidion

    Request Fuhrer King Bradley's Hair (RMMV)

    Resource Type: Character Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description:  Long story short I want Fuhrer King Bradley's Hair (Fullmetal Alchemist). Haven't seen any flat-top crew cuts yet, nor bangs like he has. His giant, chiseled jaw face would be great, too, but I mostly want the hair...
  20. EonRising

    Is it possible to make part of one generator part match the color of something else in another?

    I know that title is kind of confusing without context so lemme explain! I'm currently in the middle of making assets to create an anthropomorphic snake, and it's coming out really well so far (I've only done the face images, not the movement sprites yet). Anyways, I currently have two...

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