1. ferallag

    short Hair style required MV

    Resource Type: Hair , character gen parts Maker Format: MV Art Style:MV RTP Description: Very very short hair .... think army people , when they gut their hair , or people that go to prison. Reference Images: like the Ryo from captain tsubasa
  2. Mr_Bardo

    Modern hairstyle

    I made this new haircut style for the RPGMV generator, i hope you enjoy this. Face: SV: TV: TVD: Variation: Credits:
  3. Xirania

    Xira's Hairstyle Trims

    Hey everyone! I got RPG Maker MV pretty recently and though I love the character creation tool, I've found it to be severely lacking in the hairstyle department. To top it off, finding rear hairstyles for download seems to be near impossible, so I figured I'd make some edits to create more...
  4. Danitinkis

    RMMV hair generator part request.

    Hi! So I am IN LOVE with my FFXIV character, so I would like to add him to my game. The problem is his hairstyle, I didn't found out any hair part that looks like hims, so if someone could create it I would be very thankful. Here is a variety of photos of every angle: I would need all the 4...
  5. katsoncats

    Cat and Human Skin Color/Hair Style and Modern Clothing Request

    RPG Maker MV Hi! I'm working on a comic based RPG game where you spend the bulk of the game playing as a cat who murders people to please their owner (an avid true crime podcast listener). I'm building the characters around our cats, Charlie "Murder Baby" (Left, your smart and sassy cat who...
  6. NeoFantasy

    Hair for a sprite (Vx Ace) request

    Hello everyone. I’ve ran into a little wall while working on my project and that wall is the fact that I suck at pixel art. I can manage with GCH however, I need an original hair style for one of the main characters. What I need: A custom hair style for a vxace sized character (I’m using...

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