1. Finnuval

    Halloween 2021 Collab Pack

    Hi all so together with @spillycup we decided to release some fun Halloween-themed assets for anyone to use if they want. Optimized for RPGZmaker MZ/MV Included are 15 static battler graphics aimed mostly at frontview use - Chair Mimic - Pumpkin Boy - Piano Mimic - Scarecrow - Slime - Clock...
  2. Archeia

    RMN Game Jam: Commonplace Book

    Description The old clock on the wall turned to 3:33am. Punctual as ever, the noises started once more. Every night of the last week had been the same. As soon as the time came, strange sounds could be heard somewhere in the depths of the cellar below your house. Every night you would gather...
  3. ahiane

    RMVXA The six faces of horror

    Every October 31st, on halloween night, the no-face family leaves their house to scare children on the streets with horror masks that they make themselves. This year, however, the No-Face father said to his son No-Face Jr: "Son, now you're a grown up. You need to go scare the kids by yourself."...
  4. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    [MV] Halloween Pumpkin Head with mage hat

    Can someone please make character sprites for me of a pumpkin head character with a witch/mage hat like my avatar or Dauntless character that I linked below? I'd really appreciate it if someone could make this for me because I have an idea for a Halloween themed game for next year based on my...
  5. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    RMMV Halloween or Holiday Event System

    Sorry if the title is a little confusing but is there a plugin out there that can make it so that certain events will happen during a certain day like Halloween? Example: A door that only unlocks on Halloween day but is locked every other day of the year. Is that possible? Because I have a...
  6. MetalKing11417

    Metalking's monster sprites now with Robo Horse sprites

    So I have been making spites for a project that I have decided to share with everyone. Terms of use - Free for non-commercial and commercial use with Credit. - These files can be used in any way you desire, even if it isn’t in RPG Maker, though They are made for it -...
  7. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    RMMV Halloween Themed Resources?

    I was wondering if there are any Halloween themed resources for MV like Tilesets, Character sprites and enemy sprites. I've been doing some Google searches and can't find much. Any ideas where I can find some? I'm planning on making a Halloween themed game if possible this year for Halloween.
  8. Clockwarkgate

    Getting ready for Halloween?

    Me? Not quite xD I got a bag of snicker bites in the fridge doe.... and currently working with a friend's short horror game.
  9. GalacticGod

    Frankenstein Character Sprite

    Happy Halloween Everyone! I made a quick little Frankenstein character sprite to help celibate the holiday. Feel free to use it as you like, :) Frankenstein Character Sprite (Credit: GalacticGod, Kadokawa, Jack Saintsworth, & Random)
  10. JohnDoeNews

    RMMV BiteMe!Twins

    Prologue A long, long, loooong time ago, somewhere last year, I bought a tileset (Pop!Horror city pack) on steam. I loved it so much, I did spend weeks building a city, not being satisfied with the result, deleting it and do it again. Until I ended up with the city Marterdam. I knew the theme...
  11. HawkZombie

    HawkZombie's Halloween Birthday Game Jam!

    This post has been approved by the Moderators. This post, and the Game Jam itself, is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, Degcia in any way, shape or form. It's my birthday, but YOU can get the gifts! I've been streaming fairly consistently since March, and what I stream has been chiefly...
  12. ScientistWD

    RMMV Toil and Trouble (COMPLETE update)

    The Moon rises high o'er the Wood on this night. Where four Witches gather and cackle delight. Toiling away at their spells and their brew. Looking for Trouble? For it has found you. Toil and Trouble is a smaller RPG that revolves around exploring and battling with a party of four Witches...
  13. JtheDuelist

    You and Halloween Costumes?

    What costume would make you want to have that costume yourself and wear it every day (favorite) and what one would make want to burn it, kill it with fire, and run home to Mama in fear (least favorite)? Answers don't have to be real costumes and pictures are fine, but please keep images to the...
  14. Blair Pendragon

    RMMV All Hallow's Candy

    All Hallow's Candy is a 20-60 minute RPG, made with one person, in one month for the IGMC 2017. You select "Costumes" for your team at the start of the game. Each costume comes with unique stats and abilities. Due to many possible combinations, the difficulty was semi laxed, to ensure the...
  15. Waffledino

    A Purrfect Halloween

    Hello everyone! This thread is about my first game that I will be releasing to the public. This game is called "A Purrfect Halloween", and it is a game that I originally made for Halloween, however that deadline has passed. This game is remember my deceased cat, Puffin. He was a Maine Coon...
  16. Sekunri

    Game Jam: The Mansion

    The Mansion Version 1.01 Alpha   So for my very first Game Jam and overall my first release ever I have this game to present to you all based loosely on the board game Clue. The game is unfortunately not in its final version. I have plans to further expand on the game I'm...
  17. I Did a Bad Thing

    Hey there RPGMW! I wanted to share my first RPG maker game with you al! I made this for a halloween game jam on itch.io. This is a horror adventure for mature audiences.  You can download the game for Mac and Windows here: https://tothdeck.itch.io/i-did-a-bad-thing Thanks for checking...
  18. VisitorsFromDreams


    Flatwoods is a small adventure game built in RPG Maker MV with a Game Boy Color inspired color palette, a heavy emphasis on hand drawn animated cutscenes, and with two endings. You are Lemon, a small child that feels a great need to uncover the mystery of the "shooting star" that has just flown...
  19. Vox Novus

    Favorite Halloween Costume/Memory

    Boo everybody! Tis the season to be spooky. How about sharing your favorite/best Halloween Costume or Halloween moments. The best costume I ever did was probably a Harry Potter costume as a kid. I had the officially licensed Hogwarts Halloween costume cloak and wore worn out cheap jeans with...
  20. Name

    Halloween Theme Mini Game [Play Now]

    I finally finished my Halloween themed mini game made with Halloween Tileset and Old School Modern Set! You can download and play it if you like! Download: FREE TO PLAY/CLICK HERE Game details: Adventure RPG with tough puzzles! / Short Game Credits: Sugar ZooZoo, Enterbrain, Degica...

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