halp me pls

  1. Error (with game): Tileset_A1 is missing from the Graphics/Tileset1 folder.

    I didn't know where to post this, I think this is the right place though? It's a game I downloaded from gamejolt.com, it's coming up with this error: "Tileset_A1 is missing from the Graphics/Tileset1 folder." There is no Tileset_A1.png file in that folder. Even when I download another game...
  2. Wrath-Of-The-Chicken

    Event triggering another event and message box help

    I apologize if this was already answered or even on the wrong topic haha. I'm new to this. But I have looked around and can't seem to find the answer to my problem. These are the two things I need help with right now: Event triggering another event Change the look of the message box Event...
  3. Ultim

    VXA : Error with Yanfly's Text Script

    Hello ! I'm having this error with Yanfly's Text Script for VX Ace http://i.imgur.com/dEvdf2w.png [because image is too big] This is the event window [Keeping project name secret !] http://i.imgur.com/9Or3gsz.png Thanks in Advance !

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