hand drawn

  1. PrideOfTheForbidion

    Drawing sprites by hand? has anyone tried it?

    lol i was thinking about drawing the sprites for my game, by hand, probably take a long time though ~,~ has anyone ever tried it? i was thinking if i do i would probably make a template and then add it to the generator, idea of doing it, is i can make each character look as i wish, rather then...
  2. nightsoils

    would this work in rpgmaker 2k? hand drawn gifs and retro graphics

    hello!!!!! i've been planning out a game and i think rpgmaker 2k might be the right program for me. however, there's certain things i want to do, and i need to make sure they are even possible before i buy it. first, i really really want to go for a retro style, like below, with pixel sprites...
  3. Kwerty

    RMMV Path Of A Samurai - *NEW updates!*

    PATH OF A SAMURAI We've reached a milestone on the design and direction of the project. Aside from moving away from the original game title, we've gone ahead and made some major changes to game play and art style.. We've changed the direction of the project to the point that many of the...
  4. Yitzi Litt

    hand-drawn tilesets/font/characters/EVERYTHING!!!

    [EDIT: the poll is for the art, not the game] So I have been working on my game for about a year, with all original hand-drawn art, and I realized that others may have a use for it. Here is is an example tileset: https://photos.app.goo.gl/noECe3cfTs7vEEgf1 The real question is: Will you guys be...
  5. Yoraee

    RMMV Black Crystals - A Hand Drawn RPG [DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    DEMO AVAILABLE AT: RPGM.NET - https://rpgmaker.net/games/10227/ Itch.io - https://yoraee.itch.io/black-crystals Game Jolt - https://gamejolt.com/games/blackcrystalsrpg/447903 Hey everyone! I've finally accumulated enough content to be able to share with you the game I'm making: Black...
  6. RainbowGrenade

    Infinity Tower - DEMO Available!

    Update 4/8/16: The demo is FINALLY available! I've got the first ten levels of the dungeon available, as well as a few quests. Don't get too bored. The full release will have a couple more areas to explore for your hub town, and also 40 more floors to battle through. Also, look forward to...

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