1. Gabrelik

    Thoughts on mixing pixel and hand-drawn assets

    So, I was working on Haven's Embers and got to thinking about this approach. I'm currently attempting a fully hand-drawn aesthetic, and while we're planning on map sprites done in equal fashion, I couldn't help but wonder about the feasability of utilizing premade sprite bases that are pixelart...
  2. RMMV Summer Solstice

    I need some feedback for the game I released today as it is for my extended project qualification so I'm getting a grade for it. As it is a research project I need user feedback! I appreciated the feedback I got on my demo! Summer loses her best friend to a demon attack and has to move out of...
  3. Ffhhdd

    Sprite artist(s) for Artemia: an imaginative hand-drawn fantasy

    Who we are: Blackthorn Games currently consists of a writer/designer (me) and a concept artist. We're both a part of several commercial and hobby projects, including Fallout: Lonestar. Artemia is the first game we're making on our own, a hand-drawn RPG using RMVXAce. We've got a design...

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