1. AcetheSuperVillain

    Saga City (Harem Comedy RPG) (reboot in progress) (demo)

    A couple years ago, I started working on a harem comedy game in VXAce.  I was not super happy with the battle system or the chibi sprites, so I ended up giving up on it.  But now, MV has emerged, with its glorious sideview battle system and Yanfly plugins, and I'm more comfortable with my...
  2. Jeneeus Guruman

    Guilty Love

    Some new screenshot's added (also be seen at the top post): A tutorial on how to battle. One press battle system is a little bit hard to master, that's why. A wild crystal ball appeared. Where did it came from? Why did it appeared out of nowhere? Why is it chosen Edwin as the user of his...

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Finally feel well enough to sketch. Took twenty minutes to find the tablet. Another ten for the cable. Only to discover that my Clip Studio Pro license has expired. Yup. Gonna be one of those days.
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I just graduated from high school yesterday!
I accidently wipe out my entire hdd...
Hey everyone, I'm going to do winners announcement post for the OCCIII after we get the edit bar fixed. It's kind of hard to do any announcement without formatting! Thanks for the patience.

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