1. ovate

    MV characters (Harold, Therese, Marsha, Lucius) to VX characters

    VX character edits are based on MV characters: Harold, Therese, Marsha, Lucius RTP edits are done by tadano Preview Terms: Credit- tadano Commercial use allowed (don't sell material by itself) Editing is allowed Redistribution allowed If you have RPG Maker MV and VX/ Ace, you can use...
  2. AkraticHuman

    Enter the Haroldverse Game Jam!

    Creation of Harold by Nowis_337 The RPG Maker Beta Testers Discord community presents the Enter the Haroldverse game jam! Starting July 27th, impart the spark of life into your own Harold! Conveniently timed after the Touch the Stars jam, our contest invites you to celebrate MV's longstanding...
  3. TripToTheMun

    Harold Face-Busts

    Hi! I assume this is the right thread, if it's not I'm sorry. I've never made a thread on any website before. Anyways, I wanted high quality faces for the project I'm working on so I made some myself. Since I can't make high quality pixel art I figured I would make "busts" to replace the...
  4. Nowis-337

    RMMV Harold's Journey Beyond

    Harold's Journey Beyond About The release of RPG Maker MZ is looming. Join Therese, Marsha and Lucius to embark on one final quest to farewell our beloved RPG Maker MV Hero, Harold! This is a short puzzle game I made in 2 weeks for the Harold's Last Stand game jam. Solve puzzles and collect...
  5. akoniti

    RMMV Haroldry (Short RPG, Play In Browser)

    Join Harold and friends for one last adventure before retirement! A few questionable fishcakes and a few miles down the road, Harold is overcome by a fever. There's a witch nearby, but help isn't always what it seems... Haroldry is a short RPG (typical playtime is 15 minutes) featuring the...
  6. QuexpRPG

    Quexp's Itty Bittys for MV

    I don't have much to offer yet but we all have to start somewhere, right? :LZSwink: I hope I'm doing this right but plan to make this a "living" thread, meaning that I'll add to it as I have more to offer. Latest addition on 10/2/21: SV Battle Grid Guide TERMS OF USE: - Credit Kadokawa for...
  7. QuexpRPG

    Harold Sprite -- no head piece (RTP edit)

    I've been messing around as I learn stuff and finally started working on a game. Then came a game jam with a Harold theme so I'm putting mine aside and am working on something for that. So...this will be my first actual game and first game jam! Um...if I finish it...I'm great at starting...
  8. Gallia

    The Harold sprite corner.

    Hello Everyone, Here i am again with another thread, this time i upload some creations as a tribute to my good buddy @Dalph . I was kinda inspired by the games Dalph created so i decided to share these. Terms: Use these however you like, as long you have a legit copy of RPG Maker MV...
  9. Avery

    Make Sprites great again! - A nice MV workaround

    For best results, download the tutorial image and look at in a graphic programm of your chice so you can zoom in whenever you need it! If you have any questions or feedback, let me know! I highly recommend to read @hiddenone 's or my sprite tutorial first (or best, both!).
  10. mogwai

    RMMV Harold's MineSweeper '98

    I know I said I was leaving, but in the one day I was gone from the forum, I broke out into creative productivity and made a whole game. I'll linger back off into the shadows again after this thread is up. :hhappy: I'm up for the challenge of writing a 350 word synopsis about Windows98...
  11. calexder

    need some help

    Hi o/  well i need kown how can get the harold character config for made some faces extra o.o! or what is de harold config style thx o/

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