harvest moon

  1. Eusong

    RMMV Energy, eating, and sleeping in a farming game

    I'm making a farming game, think Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, but I'm wanting it to be a lot more difficult with farming and cooking being much more important aspects. Should I: 1: Have just a single energy bar that decreases when you use tools and also slowly overtime that gives a game over...
  2. RMMZ Game similar to Harvest Moon Stardrew Valley in RPG Maker MV

    Hello guy's, I am working on game and want to make similar to harvest moon and stardrew valley and making it in Rpg maker mv. I am kind of new in graphics and scripting but I am still managing. From past 3 days i m working on it and manage to make Season System, Day Night System, Shipping Item...
  3. RMMV HARVEST RUNE: A Fantasy Monster Hunter

    STORY SYNOPSIS : After the war against the former dictator concluded. The separated and newly formed State of Res Communes was left with nothing but crumbs of the struggle. To remedy the situation, the State decided to bolster first its work force, one of which was the Hunters Guild...
  4. grem333

    NPC Dialogue for Life Simulation Games: What Keeps You Interested?

    Hey guys, This question is more for Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley/Story of Seasons fans, but anyone can answer! For a while now, I've been making a harvest moon-like game for my own amusement (that I hopefully will release when it's eventually done!). I've been struggling for a couple weeks with...
  5. Melina

    Farming System like Harvest Moon and sleeping

    Hello :D I work on a new Project Idk a name yet but it will be simillar to Harvest Moon. And well I alraedy have Day and Night and also a clock but this clock is terrible I need to open up the Menu and select Keyitems but I really dont want that. It would be super cool if there would be a clock...
  6. Hudell

    Fantasy Farming: Orange Season - Now Available on Steam Early Access

    Fantasy Farming: Orange Season - Version 0.2.8 Orange Season is a farm life simulator made with Rpg Maker MV, inspired by games like Harvest Moon, Rune Factory and Animal Crossing. I've been working in this project since september of 2014. The project thread has been up since december of...
  7. GodsOfDeath

    Is a Harvest Moon style game possible?

    I want to make a game very similar to the old Harvest Moon games, they were my favourite games growing up (and the ones they make now are dreadful) so I wanted to make my own in the style of the first DS ones. What I mostly want to know is could this be possible? Mostly my concern is over...
  8. CallMeKerrigan

    Modern Day Harvest Moon-Esque Mechanics

    I wanted to discuss Harvest Moon mechanics in a city/suburb setting for the early 21st century. When I first started my game, I knew I wanted relationship mechanics, a time system, and a somewhat open world for exploring set in a coastal city. I set this up right away in my game, and walked away...
  9. Just Yeas

    Mechanics Ideas for improving upon Harvest Moon-like Games

    So, I plan to make a game that's a lot like Harvest Moon/Rune Factory (or the recent Stardew Valley) But, i dont want to stay in the frame of mind of the games above. I want to expand or improve upon it. So, any suggestions on any mechanics I should be implementing besides just farming? If...
  10. grem333

    Rustic Tales

    (Here we go guys- My first game thread! I finally feel comfortable with posting my game's development progress!) Synopsis: (A story will be added later- I'm still brainstorming for ideas! Help would be welcomed. :) ) Your grandfather has passed away, and...
  11. HARVEST MOON type game!!!

    Hey guys! So I'm looking to make a harvest moon type game! The main feature I want is the bachelor/bachelorette feature. So I have a few questions for you. 1: What other features should be implemented? 2: What setting should the game be in? Modern? Medieval? Classic RPG theme? 3: What should be...
  12. grem333

    Request- Farming System

    I would LOVE a farming script for MV! I know they are very complex (it took me literally YEARS to find one for VX Ace), so I doubt this will happen anytime soon. Basically, I would like a farming system similar to that of Harvest Moon. This would be able to be tied in to weather variables and a...
  13. Tigersong

    Farming game engines?

    Does anyone know of a commercially-available engine for making Harvest Moon-type games? I'm asking because it seems like a better way than trying to adapt something made for combat-based games. (If the mods want to move this thread, that's fine.)
  14. Hudell

    Fantasy Farming - Orange Season

    Orange Town was once a place with no future. People were moving away with their kids, searching for better places to live and few remained there. One of those kids was Julia, who always dreamt of going back to her hometown. She studied business in college and along with her siblings, went back...
  15. DoNgocNhan

    Make a Harvest Moon Game

    Hello everyone! ^_^ My name is DNN, I just a beginner of RPG Maker VX Ace. I try to find tutorials about how to make a harvest moon game. But I can't see any tutorials about how to make a Harvest Moon game, so I try to make it by myself and I was successful. Today I'm going to show you all of my...
  16. Tigersong

    Write that down

    Hello, people. I'll try and make this succinct. I was just tinkering about with the trial version of V.X. and ran into a major problem- I can't put one tile on top of another. What I wanted to something similar to Harvest Moon- an event where the player makes a "journal entry" in order to save...

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