1. Kvothe

    Plugin Store 0.1.1

    Created by: Dax Soft (Kvothe) Version: 0.1.1 (for tests) Engine: Rpg Maker MV Download (how to use and tutorial): Plugin Store Need: Haya Core License: MIT Install: After any plugin on your Plugin Manager project. With this plugin you can download or check if is any update of your favorite...
  2. Kvothe

    ULSE - 1.7.0

    Filename: UltimateSensorEvent.js Download: Here Tutorial at Download Link Author : Kvothe/Dax Version : 1.7.0 How to Use: You can see on link to download a example. Inside of the code in '@Help' section there is a simple tutorial as well. License: Haya ** this is the version to MV from ace...

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And now since I've got the whole game parts working, the *contents* await.

I've invented a cheap way to manipulate weather. Should I get it patented?
It's change from frikin' hot to beautiful at the cost of only 4 beers.
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Yanfly told me the new earth all animations in MZ look a bit like summoning potatoes and now I can't unsee it. halp

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