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Our garage has been so full since moving we haven't been able to get our car in. Storm night before last (no hail), storms forecast for last night & today. I convinced hubby we should clean out the garage and we managed to get it done and get the car in. Hail last night! Just in time!
Taller RTP Characters, Rewrite Dialogues w/ AI, & Simple Event AI & Shooting | RPG Maker News #37

No water this time, just trying for a majestic cliffside... The cave snuck in because I liked it. Now I guess I need a mini cave map or "secret" for it. :kaoswt:
Revamped the crew for my VN about thirty times. Only character that's stayed constant has been the fungus character. Guess it really grew on me...
I want to work on my reboot, but I don't have time to do it. ;_;

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