1. less healing effect when heal

    I divide class roles into a few, one of them in a healer tank and a true healer. since my (and any most) heal skill is scale with mdf, healer tank (block magic) has high mdf than true healer. but I want healer tank has less heal effect to ally than true healer. there 2 known parameters that...
  2. Kes

    Healing or boosting a character in menu kills another character

    I have the weirdest bug ever. If I use a stat boosting item or an HP healing item in the menu on a particular character (actor #2), whoever is in position #1 looses 150HP a time. This happens irrespective of which character is in position#1 This happens irrespective of what position actor #2...

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Checking out the Judge's Round Table. Really cool getting their perspective in a Q/A environment like this.
I'm heading back to Orlando tomorrow! Dad said he's going to take me to my favorite arcade and maybe Aquatica.
animated message windows <3
or message window that uses background images that can be animated?
Still need to fix some things, but it's going great so far :)
just when I thought one of the greatest game of all time couldn't get any better, they announce a new dlc for it.
For anyone interested: there's another huge humble bundle with JRPG assets + a game jam starting next month - it's for a good cause, so check it out <3

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