1. Zealvern

    Ideas for melee healer?

    Okay, so I'm making a first project, and wanted to build the main character around being a more aggresive kind of support. Here's some info: -Low HP and defense. Average attack and magic attack. Good speed and magic defense -Water element -Main weapon is a scythe -Primary supporting ability is...
  2. marbeltoast

    How do I design a smart "healer" enemy? <Resolved>

    Howdy all! Got a conundrum for you: I'm stuck with figuring out how to make an enemy that heals its allies when they have low health. Healing itself when at low health? No trouble; use a self heal at priority 9 when hp is below a certain threshold. Healing a specific, boss type ally when it's...
  3. RavenTDA

    The Token Healer

    Most times in RPGs when the characters have set classes there's always one character dedicated to healing. While they always play an important role in battle, because they usually are a permanent fixture to the party, what kind of personality do you give this person? What role do they have in...

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