healing abilities

  1. pedrocarsamar

    Enemies are curing the same ally

    Hello. I am creating my first enemy's troops. In these troops, there are two enemies who are primarily healers and three enemies who are primarily attackers. The problem is that the healers always heal the same ally. It doesn't matter how many times I fight against these troops, the healers will...
  2. Titanor

    Healing Items and skill that only effect certain Characters

    Hey guys, I have a question about healing in RPG maker mz, I have several playable characters in my game, however, 2 are different in the term that they are robots, with more like them on the way. how can I make it so normal healing items and skills like potions have no effect on them while...
  3. less healing effect when heal (clear)

    I divide class roles into a few, one of them in a healer tank and a true healer. since my (and any most) heal skill is scale with mdf, healer tank (block magic) has high mdf than true healer. but I want healer tank has less heal effect to ally than true healer. there 2 known parameters that...
  4. CG-Tespy

    RMMV CGT Auto Heal (like in Persona 5)

    Introduction You know how in Persona 5, you can have items automatically used to bring your party members' HP to full, saving you time otherwise spent going through menus? That's what this plugin's for, but on a bigger scale; there's a lot you can customize about the auto healing process...
  5. Roninator2

    Recover formula

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering how to enter into the damage formula box that would get the effect of heal health and magic. I tried b.hp = b.mhp; b.mp = b.mmp but it doesn't work. I mean yes it does work but only the health shows up above the character. The mp is recovered as well but I don't see...
  6. SC Fúria

    Undead/Zombie State (Using Yanfly Buffs&States Core)

    Hi guys! Today I have another question, I hope it can be resolved! Currently, I'm using Yanfly Buffs&States Core and the autopassive states plugins to recreate the undead state of Final Fantasy X. The next youtube video shows how to use it in enemies but it can easly done for anything...

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