health bar

  1. Health bars above an event

    I'm looking to implement a health bar above my enemies, I have an action RPG setup so I think it'd be great to show. And also for my Player's HUD. I could have this display in numbers 400HP/500HP for example, but I'd prefer a health bar. If anyone has an easy solution to this I'd appreciate it...
  2. Hahasea

    Zelda hearts/icons health bar

    Has anyone know of a plugin or event way to have a system similar to Zelda's heart health system? Where instead of the numerical representation of getting more HP capacity, you collect cumulative hearts (or whatever). So you start out with one heart, and work your way up to many. Each heart...
  3. Arctorius

    How to have shorter health bars?

    Hey guys, I was looking at a sample project and found it had shorter health bars. I know, awespiring, but I really liked how it looked and tried recreating it. I looked at the plug-ins' parameters, long story short, even with all plug-ins off, the bar was still short. So, perhaps is something...
  4. leoroura

    Huds with diminishing bars?

    Hello community! I'm starting a new project and i figured out i will need a very unique/personalized HUD UI. I don't wanna bore anyone with details but basically i would like to add different metters in the shape of bars that diminish for different reasons (wether fighting if it comes for health...
  5. Kubewix

    Compatibility problem Falcao's ABS and HUD script

    Hey how's it going. I'm new to actually using this website but I've come across it millions of times and it's proved to be awesome when troubleshooting or looking for some scripts. -THE PROBLEM- I'm using Falcao's ABS liquid v3 and I'm using it's HUD that allows me to view a semi customization...
  6. Triforce Mario

    HP, MP, and TP bars missing

    So, I got Yanflys Battle Engine, I put it in, and my health bar, Magic bar, and TP bar were gone. I tried removing it and going to the default battle system, but now I only have numbers. Can someone please help me out?
  7. How to Place A Visible Health Bar On the Top Side of Screen

    Hey guys, Was just wondering if you guys know how to place a visible health bar (not during battle mode) to the top left of the screen cuz I have been trying to figure this out for sometime and have been unable to solve this part through. Here's a little diagram of what I intend to do below:-...
  8. SWAMPFOOT9000

    Shaking when hit and/or a health bar that shows above the battlers

    This request is pretty much exactly was it sounds like from the title. It seems that all of the health bar scripts that I have found, have the battlers on top of the health bar. Which, is annoying, because if the enemy battler happens to be big, it will just cover the whole health bar. I'm sure...
  9. sillowette

    Health Bar

    I want to create a health bar system for my game, one that will be on screen at all times, similar to the roses in IB, but I have no idea how to go about that. I know I'm probably clogging up the forum, but you guys are super helpful and you don't make me feel like an idiot for not knowing...
  10. Tommy Gun

    On Screen HUD Meter Video Tutorial (Health, Hunger, Thirst, Morality, etc.)

    How to create an on screen meter, to display something like health, hunger, thirst, etc. In this example I base it off my previous tutorial where I made a Morality System. You can download the image files I used, on my site: Visit...

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