1. KazukiT

    Is this an actual game or was a dream I had?

    This game was a sidescroller horror title. You played as a girl travelling through a mansion trying to recollect her memories. The first NPC you helped was a rabbit and you had to collect carrots for them. I don't remember what came after that but, the last area had a door with a realistic heart...
  2. SEK


    SEK_SimpleHearts - v 1.0 By SEK Introduction Draws Hearts on the screen based on your main actor's Hp using pictures. (pictures should be 48x48 pixels png, you just need to have a "half heart" and a "full heart" version, but they can be whatever you want: bars, dogs, hearts, coins etc...
  3. RedEon

    Mog Ultima HUD zelda Style: Four part heart

    Hello guys!  :D I need a specific modification for the "MOG ULTIMA HUD" by Moghunter... So, I'm working on a The Legend Of Zelda game and i'm using the "MOG ULTIMA HUD" (http://www.atelier-rgss.com/RGSS/Menu/ACE_Menu14.html) The script shows heart but i need those heart to split in four part...
  4. DarthVollis

    Fixing HUD display script

    I am test playing a modification to a script I have that creates a help HUD for an ABS. The unmodded scripts works great, but the modded version I created (to add a HUD for MP as well) as soon as I click new game crashes and gives me RGSS3 player has stopped working. I will post my modded script...

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