hello everyone!

  1. Norjen


    'sup! 31yo gamer, music hobbyist, dog owner, part-time serious person but a full-time weirdo here. I made a new years resolution to start working on stuff I've been planning for years but never got around to actually DO something, so here I am. I fooled around with VX Ace some years ago when I...
  2. Zuque

    Hello Everyone

    Hello to all , my name is Yuri and i am new to the RPG Maker community.:ahappy: Developing is a new frightening experience to me :aswt2:, but i had decided that its time to change my life around ...... for the better i hope:awink:, i have always had stories in my head or a wild imagination that...
  3. binkfrog

    Hello Everyone!!

    Hi! I am some guy from Finland, you can call me binkfrog, bink or whatever you fancy. And I am very interested to use RPG Maker and found this site so I decided to make an account and join. Might ask for help here and such because I'm pretty much totally new to using RPG Makers of any kind...
  4. soniiiety

    hello everyone!,it's time for my arrival.

    hello my name is Soniiiety, I sign up super fast, and I can't wait to make new friends and talk, I will also want to help as well!. this might be the place, and it might not?, I don't know what else to say, But I can't wait to make some games or help with some. I will also giving ideas and...
  5. Devek

    I'm a newbie, yes. But that doesn't mean I haven't had experience.

    Hello there! Now, you might be wondering. Who the hell am I? Well, that's quite a simple question, with quite a simple answer. If you are just an acquaintance of mine, feel free to call me Devek, however, best friends can call me Kai if they wish. I've been using RPG Maker VX Ace for around...
  6. Im Just another random new guy :)

    HIIIIIII Everybodiiiiiii!!! Thought I'd stick my head around the door and say...well...Hi! New to rpgmv and getting into the bones of it so I can make a game for my kids...having plugin probs at the minute though so if you could help and point...instead of pointing and laughing :) anyhoooo...
  7. Dream Syrup Games

    Hi! (Can't remember if I actually said hi here)

    Hello! I can't remember if I've posted anything here before, because I've been part of the forums for a while, but I'll go ahead and re-introduce myself since some things have changed from when I first joined! I'm Dreamy Star! I've been playing around the RPG Maker since VX first came out (I...

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