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  1. Voz

    Voz, ready to go!!

    Heyo, Voz here. New to the forums but definitely Not new to the RPGM franchise. At the moment though, I'm focusing more on the visual novel maker in an attempt to Finish something. ( You know how that goes? Like, this project seems much, much more feasible to get Right as opposed to that one at...
  2. soniiiety

    hello everyone!,it's time for my arrival.

    hello my name is Soniiiety, I sign up super fast, and I can't wait to make new friends and talk, I will also want to help as well!. this might be the place, and it might not?, I don't know what else to say, But I can't wait to make some games or help with some. I will also giving ideas and...
  3. DrinkableTrees

    Hello World! Happy to join the community.

    Salutations! I'm DrinkableTrees. I've been meddling with RPG Maker MV for the past few weeks and have been having a blast working on a passion project with my girlfriend. Of course, I'm currently just using the placeholder name of "Hello World!" while I undergo development. I've been interesting...

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sooo I'm making the music for my game and yeah... prepare for a very non typical rpg ost... I don't even know how to make typical sounding stuff. I can do D&B, hiphop, glitch, and whatnot all day tho lol.
It's interesting that the logic involved in skill range obstructions is also used for Tetris...
Saw a resource and was like "Oh, there was a request for that, I can help that person now!"... turns out, request was nearly two years ago. Welp.
My garbage collection service has the BEST hold music I've ever heard. Sometimes, I legitimately hope to be on hold for more than a few minutes just to hear the song to completion.
Streaming now, maybe it will work this time!

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