1. MistysKarma


    Hi, I'm Kara. I do a lot of stuff but right now I'm trying to work on a simple game for a very small company so that involves doing roughly everything myself. I'm having a bit of trouble with the tutorials here... but I'm excited to try and learn anyway.
  2. typehollow

    Here I am.

    Hello All, An introduction is due and I intend on putting a footprint here. I have ventured down this site many times and have finally in my mind created my vision. I love the software and its impact it has had on me over the years. I desire to make something that can present my mind into a...
  3. Kirri

    I'm smhaaokir!

    Hello there!:kaohi: I'm smhaaokir. First of all, I'm not really new, I had used RPG Maker since I was like, 10? But I was so young, too young I should said, to access the forum. Well, I'm still pretty young at 16 years old, but I wasn't that active with RPG Maker in those 6 years. Currently...
  4. FatalErrorDriveB

    Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone! I've actually been here before but I had a different username back then and it's been a few years so I thought I'd start fresh. I look forward to getting back into this community and working once more on RPG maker games! I'm working on learning JS scripting this time so any tips...
  5. pawka

    Hi Fellows!

    I'm new here and just saying BIG HI to everyone. I wish you guys great time here on forums! :smile:
  6. Tero


    Good evening all, Just wanted to be polite and introduce myself before asking loads of questions. I'm Tero, I have used RPG maker on and off since 2000. I made many small concept projects but sadly became busy and moved on. Now I've found extra time in my life I have decided to return to RPG...
  7. ShyGirlSarah

    Hello <3

    My name is Sarah and I am BRAND NEW to the RPG maker community. I really want to make my own game for fun but I also love playing RPGs so I want to see what's here. I am a female in her early twenties that loves RPGs/JRPGs. My favorite series is Kingdom Hearts, but I love Final Fantasy as well...
  8. MagiCat

    *falls in* Oh, hi there!

    Hey there! Picked up a copy of MV recently because it sounded like a fun thing to learn and would give my wife and I something to work on together. As if we needed more to do. We’re setting up a little business for all the crafts and artwork we do, I sometimes hang around discord taking...
  9. SuYin

    ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️HELLO, WORLD☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

    Heyo~ :kaohi: I'm SuYin and I'm a digital artist. I've been around for a long time watching/playing the progress of cool awesome projects here. But I've decided to start being a bit more active in this community, so you'll be seeing some of my works soon... Maybe :kaoswt: Nice to meet you~...
  10. cetra777


    Hello all, My name is autistmouse (she/her). I have been using RMMV on and off for about 18 months but have really only started to feel comfortable recently. I am a social worker by trade with a focus on harm reduction and acute, in community, crisis support. I make games during my off time as...
  11. Finnuval

    Hello world!

    Just saying hi to this forum and its members :D Little about me : I've been playing around with RPGMaker MV since late 2016/early 2017 just getting to know the program etc. For the past 6-8 months I've been playing around with some ideas and concepts for a (rather ambitious) game of my own so I...
  12. Greygoose


    I've been on this forum for a small while, but I never formally introduced myself. Hi, I am Greygoose, a fella who enjoys using RPG Maker as a side hobby. I am also a novice spriter who specializes in making basic charsets using the RPG Maker XP base. I uploaded some of my work, as well as...
  13. Hello

    Hello, I'm new here, call me however you want as long as I can understand that it refers to me xd. It's not the first forum I've been in, but I'd rather not spend as much time as I used to in forums. I used to be known as Xam and Trece in my previous experience in forums, so feel free to call me...
  14. Aphrael_Amarantha

    Hello, meow! =^_^=

    Hi there! I'm Aphrael but everyone just calls me Aphy. I finally decided to get off my lazy butt and start developing an RPG Maker game again (I mean again because I made one all the way back when I was a kid using the psx RPG Maker, the first one on consoles afaik and that was fun watching my...
  15. FigTreeGames

    Team of two

    Thought we would introduce ourselves, we are a team of two working on our first indie project. We have a background in film and music and are looking forward to seeing what we can do with this software. You'll probably see us in the games in development thread soon. :LZYcool: Our names are Adiel...
  16. lunarrosecrow

    This Feels Awkward But... YO

    Yo everyone to whoever may be reading this, not really all that new to RPG Maker per say been here for about maybe 3 weeks. Been messing around with MV cause it peeks my interest the most. Mostly story designing, character development, the usual for your average bookworm. Coding is a new thing...
  17. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Its A Me

    Hey guys! I'am new to the site! This site seems like the place to go on the web to meet other people that are interested or have a passion in RPG Maker. Also I would love to say how welcomed i am to be on this site!
  18. Prelunear


    Hi, My name is Prelunear and I am a graphic artist who likes video games and anime. My friend recommended that I came here and give this site a chance so well I guess here I am. Please be gentle with me... lol.
  19. Ihavenoskin

    Hello! New to forum RPG Maker fan :)

    Hello from sunny Dubai in the UAE! I'm a British Expat, who loves JRPG's, ever since I played The Illusion of Gaia on SNES :) I'm currently working on my first full JRPG on MV, I made a very short one for my wife on 3DS (FES) which was a lot of fun. I'm a big Pokemon TCG fan too... Anyway...
  20. Hello!

    Hello! I'm new if it wasn't too obvious. I use RPG Maker MV for personal uses. Not really any smart game developer or something, sorry :3 But I wanted to make an account in case I had any issues, which does happen sometimes. I've never used a forum before, so if y'all have any tips or...

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