1. bluechuii

    Can i get help with Event loops/ Player input, please?!

    So, I have an event that is a Loop. It's acting as a menu selection. The player walks up to a wardrobe. They press enter and it shows the pictures. Player input with Up and/or down, goes through different Pictures. (This is to change the player's outfit and It's pretty important to the overall...
  2. I can't deal any damage to enemies, help!!

    Hello, I've looked everywhere for an answer as to why I can't seem to deal any damage via default attack. I am using RPG Maker XP 1.02a. And yes, I have tried the "skill 1 is the basic attack" trick. Here are some screenshots: I don't know, there might be something terribly wrong that I'm not...
  3. Altrana

    Not able to playtest

    Recently, I've encountered what I think is a bug. I've plugged a couple hours into a project and while playtesting it one day, it just displayed a white screen. No title, no graphics, no nothing. Every time I try to test battles or anything else, it always does this. Everything in my folders are...
  4. BigToastie

    Creating an "Arch Way"

    Hi Guys, So I want to create a single map that has multiple rooms in a cave. I want each room to be split off by an arch way, however I have no real clue on how to do this (default RTP). its one thing I've always dodged doing as I never can get it right, any suggestions to make a...
  5. Victor active battler "dead" state!

    Hi there. got A little cosmetic-problem within Victors active battler that I cant seem to wrap my head around. [dont know if this is the right forum to post] I use sideway battlesystem from victor, manager to make the actor stay on battlefield when die/HP at zero... And this is here my...
  6. Magixe

    X-Ville - Game Concept

    Ꮿ-VILLE Hello! I am Magixe, and I am currently working on a game titled X-Ville. The concept is this: You have died, but Death has decided to give you a second chance at life. If you can prove that you still want your life, Death will return your memories. You memories cost 1000 LP - LP are...
  7. Pine Towers

    Color Palette for Sprite Art

    While looking for great pixel art tutorials, including this topics here on the forums (ex1, ex2, ex3), I learned a lot about color palette, but no place where I could easily create one, choosing a base color and working incremental changes on it.  Any help from the artists on the forum would...
  8. Pine Towers

    Design Paralysis: How to Overcome?

    For my non-commercial project with RPG Maker, I know what I want: To recreate the great adventurers I had in my childhood tabletop RPG group. I have these adventures, translated the script and the maps, but then... ... the combat system. Since that old days, three more versions of the rules...
  9. Help with Co-Op File transfer?

    Alright so basically I am working Co-operatively with my friend on a project, and She started the majority of it and then sent me the project to work on my parts, I received the folder and everything was working perfectly fine, after hours of events and map work and editing I sent it back to...
  10. My Project; In need of character sprites & faces

    Hi. I'm currently making a new project and I need a few character sprites & faces for them. The pictures I'll provide below will be mostly from Minecraft, as they are how I want my characters to look like. I don't want the character sprites to be cubed and everything—but a regular RPGMakerVxAce...
  11. That Bread

    I save, I load it and it breaks?

    I've come upon a terrifying error, one that will kill me and my project(well more like a huge delay) if I cannot fix it. Why? Well I already put alot of work into setting it up in the first place, it only occurred to me recently that this happens So this is the error. Now someone explained to...
  12. KireNoslen

    Deleting EXP

    Hey, I was wondering if it was possible for a character to lose all of their EXP (while still retaining their Level) when they die. I'm pretty sure it's only possible to do this with scripting, and sadly scripts don't like me, and I don't like them. So if anyone happens to have a script for...
  13. Joe

    I need sprites...

    Hello, I would like it if someone could make a sprite of the character (It's in the attached files.) I would like it if you made him have flying sprites, like in a top-down view and his wings and hair flowing when he's moving.  I REALLY need this for my game.

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