1. Litche

    Help with a combat mechanic

    Hello everyone. I need help to implement a combat mechanic in my game. Basically I want that when hitting an enemy with its weakness it adds one point to a variable, the idea is that up to 5 points can only be accumulated. When you have enough points you can use points to perform a special...
  2. affable

    Trying out the Triacotane's "PictureCallCommon" plugin but I have no idea on how to use it.

    the plugin: https://triacontane.blogspot.com/search?q=picturecallcommon this was in the help section of the plugin: When clicked picture, call common event. Plugin Command P_CALL_CE [Picture number] [Common event ID] [Trigger] [TransparentConsideration]: When picture was clicked, assign...
  3. Agent334

    RMMV Disable/Enable Text Fast Forward with a switch

    Fast Forwarding text is a very big problem for my game because it mostly relies on timing for a BGM to start. But not only that, fast forwarding also breaks some things in my game, like timed move routes and other things. Using "\|" or "\." doesn't do anything. So, I'm looking for a plugin that...
  4. RMMV SRD HUD maker, how do I highlight actor names?

    I'm creating a battle HUD using SRD's HUD maker and the Persona 5 asset pack, which contains the HP and MP bars as well as a background box for each character in the party. It's been working extremely well up until now, but I don't know how to indicate whose turn it is in my party, since...
  5. JosephJoestar

    RMMV How do I lock an image from the Bind picture to map to only one map?

    Hi, sorry Im still relatively new to RPG maker and I used the TDDP Bind Picture To Map Plugin and It works when I walk into the room that its meant to be in but when I leave that room the second image goes on that map too. Does anyone know how to fix it? Also heres some screen shots of what I...
  6. RMMZ Type error: navigator.getGamepads(...).item is not a function

    When I am opening a game it is instantly giving me this error. Does someone know a solution for this
  7. allergyy

    [HELP] Map gets stuck when I transfer a player through a door

    Whenever I go through a transfer point, then I go through a door, my map background seems to get stuck or not change? Is there any way to fix this? I am pretty sure I followed all the tutorials correctly but this glitch happens First Scene: Second Scene: then when I walk through this door it...
  8. When a player touches an event, other events that have event touch trigger don't work (RPG Maker VX ACE)

    Hello! I made a chasing event which the player has to evade traps that stops them, if the player stands over the event/trap that stops them, then the player has to press Z to release themselve. The thing is that when the enemy is going to catch the player and the player is in the event that...
  9. KoMo_Riz

    Character's Name sometimes don't show

    This is some of the game that don't show the Character's name (If you don't understand the dialog it's ok it's my native language) It don't show when I used game test and real game but it's appeared when it's Live-screen btw. I don't know if it's game bug or engine bug. I also have a pic of...
  10. Help with game's distribution

    Hi guys, I have a problem. Out of curiosity, I tried to distribute my game. So when I created a distribution package, this message appeared: It's in italian, and it mean "Impossible to create a distribution package". However, on my desktop there was the game's folder: But when i opened it and...
  11. IconSet-swapped icons

    Hi friends, how are you? I have a little problem. I redid the entire icon set, adding and removing various icons from the default icon set. That said, when an enemy debuffs a hero's defense, a different icon appears than it should be. That is, the defense buff icon is 547, while 51 appears. How...
  12. monkas332

    Another .flow thread please help im still new

    So I got .flow working now but I don't know how I can put it in windows mode- I don't really want to play the game in fullscreen because it messes up my computer i use windows 10
  13. problème of icons

    Hi, ase you can see in the photo below i try to had some photoshop modification to my IconSet but when i put it back in the file the ingame icons was to big to be use. did some body have an idea what is going on and how can i solve this ? (iven if i put the holder vertion of my icon back in the...
  14. KoMo_Riz

    RMMV How to do window like this?

    Well...I'm new to javascript and I really don't know where to start... so I decided to write a thread about it I tried to study on my own 1-2 month but all I thought is what and why? yeah so you can know that I don't know how to start java script and I know I just don't know what is all the...
  15. KoMo_Riz

    [RM MV] how does this RPG maker tilesets work?

    I'm not great at english much but I will try to explian my stupidness about this I try to create a library for my project so I studied how to make a tilesets but I stuck at how are what size they took for one block and how to setting an animation tilesets(I know I can put in A1 but I don't know...
  16. KoMo_Riz

    [RM MV help] how to make a dialog like this?

    Please help me? I've been stuck on this so long I sketch a dialog box like this . I work with my team and we don't know is it possible to make a shape a dialog box / window skin (I don't know how to call the bottom text) like this? please help me I need a way. please light a way for us to kick...
  17. KoMo_Riz

    [Rm2k3]How to add new fonts/language?

    I don't know that Rm2k3 can do some add more language or any font if it's can please tell me how bc I have no idea now
  18. Actor MoveSpeed Alpha ABS (HELP)"

    Does anyone know any commands, to change the speed of the character in the Alpha ABS Build 1044 plugin, the speed only works on a non-abs map, but I wanted exactly on the abs map, I know that can change this command line: this._moveSpeed = 4 + this.battler (). ABSParams (). moveSpeedUpKoef...
  19. KoMo_Riz

    how to make other actor appeared

    So I can't do 2 character+ in the map event so I don't know how to make actor(That not in party)walk in while two character talking like 1 : *walk to 2* hello! 2 : oh how are you? 1 : I'm fine thanks 3 :*walk to 1 n 2* oh my.Good morning both of you 1 : Good morning! so..yeah I can't do it.I...
  20. KoMo_Riz

    How to end event?

    well,I did like this it look like Erase Event of End event can't help anything... what do I do wrong? please tell me

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